23 TV Moments That Are Older Than The Class Of 2019

    Doug was off the air before these whippersnappers were even born.

    You might be aware of the alarming fact that this year's incoming freshmen are the class of 2019.

    It was a GREAT day today to be a Seahawk!! #classof2019 💚💙

    That means that the kids starting high school this year were born in 2001. THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND FRICKIN' ONE.

    1. To put that in perspective, Doug was off the air before these kids were even born.

    2. Dawson had ugly-cried on Dawson's Creek a year before they came into this world.

    3. The host of The Daily Show has always been Jon Stewart to them.

    4. They weren't alive to see the very first million-dollar winner on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    5. They weren't even a twinkle in their fathers' eyes when Kerri Strug became an Olympic hero.

    6. They weren't around when Chandler said "I love you."

    7. Or when Monica proposed.

    8. Or when we all learned what it means to be someone's lobster.

    9. For the class of 2019, HD has always been an option.

    10. These shows all premiered the year they were born.

    Yep, 24 is older than some high school freshmen now.

    11. South Park has always existed for them.

    12. As have all three of these animated shows.

    13. It's a good bet that none of them ever read this sticker.

    14. Seinfeld aired its finale before any of them were even conceived.

    15. None of them saw this iconic Simpsons episode when it premiered:

    16. Or this one:

    17. Or this one:

    18. In fact, The Simpsons had already been on for 10 YEARS when they were born.

    19. By the time the class of 2019 was born, it was already Regis and Kelly Ripa instead of Regis and Kathie Lee.

    20. None of them saw Mr. Feeny's last lesson on Boy Meets World when the finale aired in 2000.

    21. The only way they could have seen this heartbreaking scene was in reruns.

    22. Remember when Roberto Benigni did this at the Oscars? Yep, they missed that one too.

    23. Oh, and the class of 2019 has never lived in a world without TiVo.

    Try not to cry.