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    TikTok Is Seriously Creeping People Out With Ominous Messages

    Does typing "riririri" connect you with spirits or something??

    When you think of TikTok, you probably think of trendy dances or sounds, or maybe people sharing lighthearted celebrity encounter stories.

    TikTok / Via

    Or cute animal videos, maybe.

    But TikTok user @whoaanellyy recently discovered the "scariest thing" she's seen on TikTok and posted about it in a now-viral video.


    Comment some version of riri riri ririri and then press and hold to translate... #Welcome2021 #scarystuff #conspiracy #criptic #hiddenmessages

    ♬ original sound - Whoaanellyy

    Apparently, if you type "riririri" in a comment and then translate the comment...

    TikTok user @whoaanellyy saying "this is the scariest thing i've ever seen on tiktok if you type ririririri"
    @whoaanellyy / Via

    It translates into ominous-sounding messages, like this one:

    @whoaanellyy / Via

    As you can see, this string of "ririris" translated out to "What is the purpose of life? What is this? The sound is the sound..... The sound it cries out."

    I went into the app myself to try this out and translated some of the comments (you can try it too by long-pressing on a comment and then selecting "translate"). I can promise you it's legit, as these are my own screenshots!

    @whoaanellyy / Via

    This one translated out to "What is the purpose of the resurrection? Crying? What do you think? Cry. The mourners mourn." And if that doesn't creep you right TF out, then you have NERVES of STEEL. (And I would also like to know why they are all about crying, because WTF?)

    Not all of the comments become cryptic messages. These two, for example...

    A set of comments with random "ririri" strings, one of them with "Rihanna" at the end
    @whoaanellyy / Via

    ....translated into "snoring snoring snoring snoring" and "Rihanna is now Rihanna." Although I can't decide if the fact that this doesn't ALWAYS work makes it less unsettling or wayyyyy more unsettling.

    The translated versions, one of which just repeats the word "snoring" and the other says "Rihanna is now Rihanna"
    @whoaanellyy / Via

    Some are seeing them as spooky hidden messages from another plane of existence, warning us about the end of the world.

    A TikTok comment: "Not y'all starting off 2021 with secret hidden messages from other dimensions about the end of the world and cries for help"
    @whoaanellyy / Via

    While others are just poking fun.

    A TikTok comment: "are y'all summoning Rihanna?"
    @whoaanellyy / @makena / Via

    Of course, the most likely explanation is just that there's some AI weirdness going on with the app's translation function, especially since it looks like it attempts to auto-detect languages. Some are theorizing that it's attempting to translate from Maori, Xhosa, or Shona, and just taking some creative liberties.

    A TikTok comment: "yeh lol it translates to maori, xhosa or shona, if you translate enough it repeats because 'riri' all relate to expressions of anger in maori"
    @whoaanellyy / Via

    But it could also be a translation AI that has become self-aware and will soon attempt to destroy all humans. Who knows?


    In any case, you can scroll through the comments on @whoaanellyy's post and translate to see for yourself. IF YOU DARE.


    Reply to @lilith_the_bunny #greenscreensticker I NEED ANSWERS !!! #MeTime #DailyVlog #EasyRecipe #scarystuff #Welcome2021 #conspiracy #ririri

    ♬ original sound - Whoaanellyy

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