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    You Have To See This Comedy Writer's Trump Tweets

    Featuring appearances by imaginary Chris Christie and imaginary Paul Ryan.

    At this point in the election, Twitter is a vast ocean of Donald Trump jokes.


    But one account in particular — that of comedy writer Owen Ellickson — stands out.

    He tweets imaginary conversations between Trump and his supporters, like this one from back at the RNC:

    TRUMP: I'm gonna lose, huh? RYAN: Yes. [silence] TRUMP: Thank God. RYAN: I know TRUMP: I'd be SO bad at it RYAN: We literally all might die

    Or this one, from after Trump's first debate with Hillary:

    This one pretty much sums up Trump's late-night/early morning tweets about Alicia Machado:


    There's this one, about Matt Lauer's silence:

    Poor, sad, handsome Paul Ryan is a regular character:

    RYAN: Is everything OK--? TRUMP: Look, I'm not dying. RYAN: TRUMP: It's just my medical records paint a picture of, y'know, a gross old guy

    Sometimes the opposition makes an appearance:

    And sometimes it's just Trump on his own:

    TRUMP: "Hillary has no idea what happens in our inner cities. I have seen Robocop over 30 times! Perfect film. WHY did Obama allow remake?!"

    Follow Owen Ellickson on Twitter for more. It's worth it.

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