This Artist Drew Disney Princesses As Armored Warriors And It Looks Damn Cool

    Snow White ➡ Snow Knight

    This is artist Artemii Myasnikov, amid some of his creations. He's based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and his art focuses mostly on blending fantasy and tech.

    His art has been going viral recently, thanks to a series he drew featuring Disney princesses as armored warriors.

    Myasnikov told BuzzFeed that he was inspired to start the project thanks to two influences: his wife, and the new Netflix show Disenchantment.

    Myasnikov started off with Snow White, because he considered her to be "the most damsel-in-distress-y princess ever," and wanted to make a version who would be "armed, dangerous, and in charge of her own fate."

    He chose a "medieval-ish" influence for the designs, and mostly stuck to that time frame for the weapons and armor.

    However, some of the designs have more of a "fantasy touch," as Myasnikov put it, complete with details on how the princesses would fight.

    The details really make the drawings that much cooler. For example, Jasmine has the help of the Magic Carpet:

    And Cinderella can be seen smashing the glass slipper with her gauntlet:

    Ariel gets a little help traveling on land with her own version of an armored steed:

    And Pocahontas gets an animal sidekick of her own with this very threatening-looking version of Meeko:

    Of course, Mulan is a warrior already, but here she gets some pretty awesome new armor (and Mushu definitely got an upgrade as well):

    You can check out more of Aremii's art on his Instagram!