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If You Check Off More Than 27/40 Of These Things That Everyone's Done, You're Officially Relatable

"Sorry I'm late, I sat on my bed in a towel for 45 minutes staring at a wall."

Life is full of little moments that we think are weird and unique, but secretly everybody does them.

Do you ever just forget to hide your expressions for a minute and then you’re like woah I did not mean to make that face out loud

You might ~think~ you're different, but deep down we're all kind of the same dummy who does dumb little things that we never, ever talk about.

using microsoft word *moves an image 1 mm to the left* all text and images shift. 4 new pages appear. in the distance, sirens.

I can prove it! Here's a little wager: If you check off more than 27 things on this list, then you HAVE to share this post. If you check less than 14 things, then you are truly one of a kind.

  1. Ready? Great! Check off all the things you've done:

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