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    Disney Workers Shared The Things Customers Do That They Love And Hate

    Rule number one: Just, like, don't be a jerk.

    Disney parks are obviously magical places. They don't call it "the happiest place on Earth" for nothing.

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    A big part of that magic is the hard work of the employees (aka "cast members") who do everything from food service to tours to greeting guests as Disney Princesses.

    Two Disneyland employees wearing safety vests and holding out their hands with Mickey gloves on to give 5k runners high-fives
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    Using Reddit threads and BuzzFeed Community submissions from former employees and Disney regulars, we've gathered a list of the things Disney cast members love and hate, so we can all be better guests:

    1. Disney employees hate it when you don't watch your kids:

    "Some parents that were eating in Electric Umbrella somehow lost track of their infant child (crawling and not old enough to talk yet) and I found him in Mouse Gear. How they managed that, I have no idea."


    2. They hate it when you don't read signs:

    “The opening of our parks depend on guest behavior.” Guest behavior:

    Twitter: @misslyss96

    3. They hate it when you're not ready to scan your FastPass:

    "You know you need your ticket or phone, have it out and ready to go."


    4. They hate when you harass the characters:

    "People sexually harass the characters super frequently. I was working with Ariel, and cast members would always count down before they took a photo so people had time to get into position. I counted down, and this teen boy decided to try to rip off one of Ariel's shells."


    5. Like, seriously, do not grope people without their consent. It doesn't matter if they're in a costume or not:

    6. Disney employees hate it when you...uh, take your pants off in line:

    "We were in the queue for Tiki Room and the woman in front took off her shorts, stood in her not very full underwear then put a fresh pair of shorts on... in front of 10 people."


    7. They hate it when you disrespect their coworkers AND use inappropriate language in front of children:

    "It's probably mild compared to what some of you have experienced, but I was in line for Winnie the Pooh (of ALL rides!!) with two early 20-ish looking guys talking loudly about the face character princesses they'd encountered throughout the day and which ones were most 'fuckable.'"


    8. This should be obvious, but do NOT bring your kid to the park if they have a contagious disease:

    "A guest came in to get a disability pass [and] told me their daughter had chicken pox.

    It was a major health issue. I've never had them before, and it became a huge health issue for me. Thankfully, I didn't get them."


    9. And don't spread human remains in the park:

    "Overnight cast member here. Please, PLEASE, leave your cremated loved ones at home. Stop dumping them in the Haunted Mansion. They just get vacuumed up and disposed of."


    10. They hate it when you show up out of nowhere asking for free tickets:

    11. They hate when you try to argue about height requirements (hot tip: taller shoes don't make the ride safer):

    "A woman was about to enter the Space Mountain ride with her son, who wasn't tall enough and didn't want to go on the ride. She then took a pair of high heels out of her backpack and forced her son to wear them. The ride attendant gave her the sassiest 'you're an idiot' look and told her to exit the line."


    12. But on a positive note, they love it when you laugh at their jokes on Jungle Cruise (or any other cast member–hosted ride):

    A cast member piloting a boat on the Jungle Cruise ride
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    "I won’t say what I do but I will say that the best way to raise my mood and or compliment me is to actually laugh at my jokes when I tell them so we’re not sitting in silence for seven and a half minutes."


    13. They love it when you wear cool, funny, or creative Disney apparel.

    "Someone I used to work with would keep a tiny notepad in her pocket and make a "shopping list" of cool shirts and hats and bags and stuff she saw guests wearing lol.

    A lot of cast members, especially from the college program, are there because they're big fans."


    14. They love it when kids are dressed like them:

    (Of course, there are rules about adults dressing in costume.)

    15. And finally, as this former princess says, they love when you make nice gestures:

    "I was Pocahontas, and I met a little girl named Emily. She was about 7 and with her dad. She came up and said, 'Hi Pocahontas, I made you this card.' I opened it and it said: 'Dear Pocahontas, I drew some flowers for you. I hope you have a lovely day. Love, Emily.'

    I thanked her, and she left. Two days later, I was Silvermist, and guess who comes into Pixie Hollow? Emily. And she gave me a card: 'Dear Tinkerbell & her friends, I drew some flowers for you. I hope you have a lovely day. Love, Emily.'

    Her dad didn't recognize me, but I was excited to have two cards from the same girl. A few days later, I was Mulan, and GUESS WHO COMES UP TO ME?

    So I said, before she started talking, 'I know you , you're Emily! I heard you're really good at drawing flowers, all of my friends told me.'

    This girl's face lit up like the Fourth of July & she pulled a card out.

    'Dear Mulan, Shang, & Mushu, I drew some flowers for you. I hope you have a lovely day. Love, Emily.'

    I have three cards for all three of my face characters from the same girl."