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This Was The Most Annoying Thing About The Super Bowl

One person dared to annoy the nation during Super Bowl 50.

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There was a lot of star power at the Super Bowl this year, what with Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Left Shark performing at the halftime show.


But there was one person who went in as a nobody and left famous: "Woooo Guy."

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If you listen closely, you can hear a slight but constant "woooo" in the background of this clip. That's him.

His incessant wooo-ing quickly got on everyone's nerves.

There were some calls for punches.

Actually there were a lot of calls for punches.

At one point he was compared to an owl.

Someone figured he was probably a Broncos fan.

Even Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was annoyed.

But he did make a quick sketch in tribute.

Some people tried to pretend that "Woooo Guy" was getting more heat than he deserved.

But they're wrong, because those "woooos" will echo in our brains forevermore.

There's really only one way this whole thing would be OK...

...but we're not sure Ric Flair was in attendance.


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