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13 "The Office" Moments So Embarrassing You Actually Feel Pain When You Watch Them

So funny, but so painful.

13. When Michael sings to both Benihana waitresses because he can't tell them apart.

12. When Jim accidentally reveals Pam's pregnancy at their rehearsal dinner.

11. When Michael tries to help the new guy onto the table.

10. When Andy's dad shuts him down at the garden party.

9. When Michael brings in the building's property manager, Billy, to talk about disabilities.

8. When Andy proposes to a very reluctant Angela.

7. When Michael goes on a blind date.

6. When Toby gropes Pam's leg.

5. When Michael proposes to Carol at the Diwali party.

4. Literally anything that happens during Michael and Jan's dinner party.

3. When Michael prematurely announces Phyllis and Bob at their wedding.

2. And when he forcibly gives a speech during the reception.

1. When Michael faces the kids he promised college scholarships to many years ago.