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    7 "Westworld" Fan Theories That Will Make You Say, "Holy Shit"

    Um, so how many timelines are there exactly?

    HBO's new show Westworld is only five episodes in, but already people have a ~lot~ of questions.

    So here are some of the best, craziest, and the most and least likely fan theories out there right now. Spoilers follow!

    1. William and the Man In Black are the same person on two different timelines.

    The most popular Westworld fan theory floating around right now is the "two timelines" theory, which posits that the show isn't showing us events in exact chronological order, but is instead jumping back and forth between the future and the past. People who subscribe to this theory generally think that William is the constant: The Man in Black is never referred to by name, which could mean that the show is trying to hide the fact that he's actually William in the future (or present, as it were).

    This helps explain some of the mysteries of the show. How are the techs able to interview the hosts while they're in the middle of the storyline with a guest? It could be that the interviews are happening at a completely different time. Why is the park logo that William sees when he arrives different from the other logo we've seen around? How was Lawrence able to reappear so quickly in William and Logan's quest when the MiB had just slit his throat?

    There are a lot of issues with this theory, such as the fact that current-day Westworld employees appear to be talking about Dolores going off loop with William, indicating that William is indeed in the park in the present. Additionally, the MiB says that back when he first came to the park, the hosts were all very much mechanical and not their current part-biological versions.

    This video sums up the evidence for the theory:

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    2. Bernard is actually a host.

    3. Bernard is a clone of Arnold, carrying his consciousness.

    4. The maze isn't a physical maze, it's a quest for the hosts.

    5. The workers speak to the hosts remotely, via VR.

    6. Westworld kills guests and replaces them with hosts.

    7. Westworld is on Mars.

    Do you have an excellent Westworld theory? Share it in the comments!