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    We Need To Talk About "Road To El Dorado"

    It doesn't have to be Disney to be great.

    1. First off, this movie was packed with adult jokes that totally flew over your head as a kid.

    2. Like the time Tulio said this as a huge ship was bearing down on them.

    3. Or when THIS HAPPENED.

    4. Of course, there are some more innocent jokes that will still make you laugh.

    5. Especially when Miguel's endless optimism comes into play.

    6. It's so beloved that people have come up with some pretty great casting ideas for a remake.

    7. It inspires some amazing cosplay, too.

    8. Probably because Tulio's anxiety is universal.

    9. And because Miguel's faces are hilarious.

    10. And every time the two of them BS their way out of a situation, it's so fun to watch.

    11. Honestly, these guys are more similar to gods than you'd think.

    12. Oh, and did you know that Miguel is voiced by Sir Kenneth Branagh?


    13. And Tulio is voiced by Kevin Kline.

    That's right, it's a Wild Wild West reunion!

    14. The chemistry between them is so good that people ship them. They ship them hard.

    15. They even like to theorize that Flynn Rider from Tangled is their child.

    16. Honestly, I just ship Chel and her own sexuality.

    She actually initiates her relationship with Tulio, instead of being an object to be won!

    17. Or Altivo and his gold horseshoes.

    18. But most importantly, the movie gave us the best GIF ever, which has been adapted again and again.