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    Ranking The Major "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theories, From Least To Most Likely

    Tyrion Lannister is NOT a time-traveling fetus.

    Game of Thrones is back for Season 7, and people have a LOT of theories.


    So put your tinfoil hats on, because we're going to go through all of the major fan theories, in order from least likely to most likely to happen.

    13. Tyrion is a time-traveling fetus


    The theory: Tyrion is actually the son of Daenerys and Khal Drogo, and was transported back in time by the Dothraki witch, Mirri Maz Duur, and delivered by Joanna Lannister. Tyrion will go on to marry Daenerys — his own mother — in a parallel to the Greek tragedy of Oedipus.

    Andy: Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that this theory is even remotely close to likely. But I have to commend the Redditor who came up with it, because it’s not only creative but kind of ironclad in its own twisted logic. 0/10

    Jenna: This is definitely the most ~creative~ Game of Thrones theory I've ever read. But lol, no. 0/10

    Likelihood: 0/10

    12. Ned Stark is alive and a Faceless Man died in his place


    The theory: When Ned Stark was executed, it was actually a Faceless Man disguised as him (perhaps even Syrio Forel) who died. The real Ned Stark escaped and has been waiting for the right time to return.

    Andy: Oh, hell no. First off, the show seems to have set up the rule that Faceless Men can only disguise themselves as people who have died and had their bodies “prepared” (though it’s true that Arya saw her face on Jaqen H’ghar’s face right before she went blind). Second, why would Ned be hiding out while his wife and children started dying one by one? 0/10

    Jenna: There is no way Ned Stark would stay in hiding through the War of the Five Kings and beyond. It's not his way. Plus there's no real evidence to support this theory and, as Andy points out, there's some evidence against it. 0/10

    Likelihood: 0/10

    11. Jaqen H'ghar is Rhaegar Targaryen


    The theory: Rhaegar Targaryen didn’t die in that duel with Robert Baratheon; someone else did in his place, and he escaped and became a Faceless Man, then took to Arya because she reminded him of Lyanna.

    Andy: Not a chance. There are a lot of stretches here. I think someone just saw that Jaqen had a streak of light hair and decided to come up with a theory. 0/10

    Jenna: This is tinfoil AF. It doesn't make any sense to me. 0/10

    Likelihood: 0/10

    10. Syrio Forel is Jaqen H'ghar


    The theory: Syrio Forel wasn’t just a skilled swordsman from Braavos. He was actually a Faceless Man from Braavos, and fought his way out of that ambush with just a wooden sword. He then disguised himself as Jaqen H’ghar and met up with Arya several days later.

    Andy: I used to like this theory (I always thought it was odd that Syrio died off screen), but I think we would’ve seen the reveal by now if it had been true. 1/10

    Jenna: I love this theory and I wish it were true, but I think we're done with both Syrio and Jaqen's storylines at this point - in the show, at least. 1/10

    Likelihood: 1/10

    9. Jon Snow and Meera Reed are twins


    The theory: Lyanna actually had twin children at the Tower of Joy, a son and a daughter. The daughter was given to Howland Reed, who survived the duel along with Ned.

    Andy: I get that Kit Harington and Ellie Kendrick look very much alike, but I think this would really overload the Game of Thrones narrative with sets of twins. 2/10

    Jenna: Lol. The fact that this theory seems to hinge on the fact that the actors both have brown, curly hair is just not enough to convince me. 1/10

    Likelihood: 1.5/10

    8. Bran is the Night King


    The theory: Bran, believing he can stop the White Walkers in the past, wargs into the man who became the Night King at the hand of the Children of the Forest, as he saw in his previous vision. Bran is unable to stop the ritual, and becomes trapped in that body, becoming the Night King from then on.

    Andy: Though I like the horrible idea of Jon having to face off against his brother, and I do think Bran is going to continue to fuck up royally, I just don’t think this is going to happen. It is interesting that the Night King’s powers are similar to warging, but this doesn’t feel likely to me. 2/10

    Jenna: I don't get the feeling the Night King is really going to get much more of a backstory, especially one that involves Bran. I do think Bran is weirdly connected to the Night King now, thanks to that mark on his arm, and it may even cause the Wall to come down. But they're not the same person. 2/10

    Likelihood: 2/10

    7. Daenerys, the Mad Queen


    The theory: Much like her father, Aerys Targaryen II, Daenerys will become stricken with madness and will likely give an order to “burn them all.”

    Andy: I just don’t think this is Dany’s character arc. Considering the fact that Ser Barristan’s last conversation with Dany was warning her not to become her father, I think she’ll be doing everything she can to honor that advice. 2/10

    Jenna: There have definitely been worrying hints that Dany takes after her father at times — but the smart people she has surrounded herself with usually rein her in. To me, it's much more likely she'll have to sacrifice her life, not her sanity, before all this is over. 3/10

    Likelihood: 2.5/10

    6. Bran is every Brandon


    The theory: Bran wargs into the past in order to ensure that the Wall is built. When he does, he tells people that his name is Bran, and is thus known as “Bran the Builder.” He might possibly become many of the other Brandon Starks who have existed throughout history.

    Andy: I could see this happening if — and only if — Bran ends up toppling the Wall when he passes through (thanks to the Night King’s mark on his arm). That might spur him to go back in time and change the way it’s built. Otherwise, why would he bother? The Wall is already up, man. 3/10

    Jenna: I could see this MAYBE working in the books, but I don't think the show will go there. Viewers aren't that connected to every Brandon ever — many would barely know who Brandon the Builder is — so I don't think it would be a very effective plot point. Still, it would be interesting to see Bran use his time-traveling abilities to prevent disaster, rather than cause it. 3/10

    Likelihood: 3/10

    5. Tyrion is secretly a Targaryen


    The theory: Tywin Lannister’s wife Joanna either had an affair with or was raped by Aerys Targaryen, which resulted in her getting pregnant with Tyrion. Tyrion is therefore the third head of the dragon (with Jon and Dany), and will ride one of Dany’s dragons.

    Andy: I get where this theory comes from, since it definitely seems like Tyrion is being set up to be a dragon-rider, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be a Targaryen in order for that to happen (and since I wholeheartedly believe that Bran will actually be the third, I think the interpretation of “dragon-rider” is going to be a loose one). 4/10

    Jenna: I love the idea of Tyrion being a dragon-rider, and his immediate connection to Dany’s dragons in Season 6 lends a bit of weight to this theory. But I also think if this theory were true, it would undermine some of the potency of the dynamic between Tywin and Tyrion. I just don’t think there’s enough solid evidence for this theory, really. 4/10

    Likelihood: 4/10

    4. There's an ice dragon in the Wall


    The theory: There's an ice dragon hidden inside or beneath the Wall, and the Horn of Winter will awaken it, which will cause the Wall to come down.

    Andy: Well, there's the whole "fire and ice" thing, and while the show hasn't talked about ice dragons much there are definitely a few mentions in the book. It seems like a strange thing to bring up without a payoff, so I'm gonna bet we see one soon, and having it be trapped in the wall explains why it's been absent. 6/10

    Jenna: This feels like it's barely a blip on the show's radar. There haven't been many hints or clues about ice dragons, and I don't think there's been any mention of the Horn of Winter. It's more likely it will happen in the books, but even then I'm not convinced. 3/10

    Likelihood: 4.5/10

    3. Bran made Aerys II go mad


    The theory: During his viewings of the past, Bran will call out to Aerys II, causing him to hear whispers and eventually go mad.

    Andy: I don’t think that Game of Thrones is going to continue to do a lot of wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey stuff, but I do think this has been set up. The Hodor moment played so amazingly well, and we saw young Ned Stark turn around, so this could happen. I’m just wondering why it would need to happen, unless it’s going to be part of a series of Bran continuously fucking up the past. And that’s not entirely unlikely. 6/10

    Jenna: I think Aerys' madness had more to do with the Targaryen inbreeding. The fact that he wanted to be reborn as a dragon from the flames of wildfire is the extreme version of Dany's thinking and actions. I don't think Aerys needed any help from Bran to get there. Plus it would weaken the impact of Hodor's plot, and suggest Bran didn't learn anything from that horrific incident. Bran's got to become the hero at some point, right? 3/10

    Likelihood: 4.5/10

    2. Cleganebowl


    The theory: The two Clegane brothers — also known as the Hound and the Mountain — will face off in a duel to the death.

    Andy: This is looking less and less likely based on the direction things are going, but my god, I wish it would happen. The Hound deserves the very specific emotional closure he would get from slicing his brother’s head off. I'll give it 5/10 in likelihood, but if it happens, I will award it 10/10 chickens.

    Jenna: With the shot in the Season 7 trailer that looks like it could be the Hound in King's Landing, the hype train is going full steam ahead, but I worry it's going to crash and burn like it has so many times before. It would be so satisfying to see the Hound's story come full circle, especially after watching the brothers fight in Season 1. But I think Cleganebowl is more of a priority for fans than the creators of the show. 5/10

    Likelihood: 5/10

    1. Jaime is the Valonqar


    The theory: When she was a young girl, Cersei Lannister received a prophecy that she would die at the hands of the “Valonqar,” which translates roughly to “younger brother” (or perhaps just “younger sibling”) in High Valyrian. Since Jaime was born just slightly after Cersei, he’s technically younger.

    Andy: I’m fully on board with this. Tyrion being the one to kill Cersei is too obvious, and it feels a little messy to interpret Valonqar to mean the younger sibling in any other family (i.e. Arya or Daenerys). This would really bring things full circle for Jaime in his Kingslayer role. Also, I’m one of those nuts who thinks that Jaime is Azor Ahai, so I’m putting all my eggs in this basket. 10/10

    Jenna: OK, I do not think Jaime is Azor Ahai, but I DO think he is the Valonqar. He is Cersei's younger brother, and it would be the ultimate emotion-packed climax to their story. I'm not 100% convinced the show will go there, though — the fact Jaime STILL seems to be standing by Cersei's side, even after she's unleashed wildfire on King's Landing, makes me worry. I'm hoping they're just delaying the inevitable, rather than going down an entirely different path. 8/10

    Likelihood: 9/10

    Bonus round: Who is Azor Ahai?


    The theory: At some point, the hero Azor Ahai will be reborn “amidst smoke and salt” and wielding the flaming sword Lightbringer to defend the world from the “Other.” This may include plunging a sword into the heart of a loved one, to parallel the original legend. A number of people are suspected to be candidates for the second coming for Azor Ahai, including Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Gendry, Davos Seaworth, Danaerys Targaryen, Jorah Mormont, and even Ser Pounce.

    Andy: This is definitely happening, it's just a question of who it'll be. Jon Snow is the obvious choice, (we did get that lingering shot of a “bleeding star” at his birth), but he’s a little too obvious. I don’t think Melisandre is suddenly going to be right this time around, since she’s blinded by her faith. My choice is Jaime, since I could see Lightbringer coming from him killing Cersei under the red star in the throne room. I’d put the likelihood at 8/10 for him.

    Jenna: Azor Ahai is a thing in both the show and the books, so I feel like it's got to be confirmed at some point that SOMEONE is the prince that was promised. My money is on Dany or Jon, or both of them. I know it's obvious, but like R+L=J, sometimes the most obvious theory turns out to be true. This is all only if Ser Pounce isn't found, of course. I'll give 5/10 each for Dany and Jon, 10/10 meows for Ser Pounce.