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    Updated on Jul 12, 2020. Posted on Jul 12, 2020

    17 Tumblr Posts That Are Just Plain Funny

    Nothing fancy, just good ol' funny Tumblr posts.

    1. The endless utility of CVS:

    2. The legacy of Despicable Me:

    3. A headcanon I now subscribe to:

    4. Tale as old as time:

    5. An internet moment that should be in the Louvre:

    6. A relatable premise:

    7. Any of those horse names could also be cat names, to be fair:

    8. Sometimes you just gotta channel Jane Austen for a minute:

    9. Everything in here is accurate:

    10. This is...also accurate:

    11. Theories proven by World of Warcraft:

    12. "Thanks":

    13. A quick summary of The Iliad:

    14. I love my brain sauce:

    15. Nothing is spookier than capitalism:

    16. Let's just agree that neither makes sense:

    17. Naughty:

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