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    Posted on Oct 19, 2017

    Anyway, Here's Ben Wyatt And Jean-Ralphio Responding To "Parks & Rec" Fan Theories

    But for the record, Jean-Ralphio TOTALLY thinks that Ben Wyatt dated Rachel from Friends.

    If you spend any time on Reddit, you've probably read a lot of Parks and Rec fan theories.


    There isn't a theory that Chris is actually dead as far as we know, but people do suspect that Donna is hiding from the law, and that Steve from Stranger Things is Jean-Ralphio's real dad.

    Well, Adam Scott and Ben Schwartz took on a bunch of these theories when they stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden.

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    For example, they weighed in on the theory that Ron, Leslie, and Ben were somehow embezzling from the government.

    ...Which they adamantly denied.

    Although Ben thinks that Ron is 100% guilty of that, despite Leslie's innocence.

    And Adam does have some questions about how Leslie could afford gifts for literally EVERY occasion.

    Oh, and you know that theory that Rachel from Friends dated Ben Wyatt?


    Well I'm very sorry, but Adam is here to crush your dreams.

    (Ben is totally on board, though.)

    So there you have it. Even Burt Macklin is shook!


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