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    Sega Genesis Mini Review: Like A Time Machine To The '90s

    This thing will zap you right back to the '90s. Not literally, though.

    Hi, I'm Andy, and like many children of the '80s and '90s, I'm frickin' obsessed with video games.

    Now maybe you've heard and maybe you haven't, but there's a new mini console on the market: the Sega Genesis Mini. Sega provided BuzzFeed with a console, so we got to try this sucker hands-on.

    Everything about the console is a major nostalgia bomb. For example, take a look at the original Genesis box, and compared it to the Genesis Mini box above. They're almost identical, and it gives you that "Christmas morning in 1989" feeling right off the bat.

    The console itself is a faithful recreation, albeit a tiny one. This thing is super small and light.

    There's even a little volume toggle and a fake headphone port. They don't do anything (the reset button is just for show, too) but you can move the volume slider anyway.

    You can even open the cartridge slot! Is it pointless? Yeah, but honestly when I got an SNES Mini I was kinda disappointed that you COULDN'T do this, so props to Sega.

    Size-wise, it's super compact. Here it is compared to my SNES Mini (and Switch for scale):

    The controllers are also a faithful adaptation looks-wise, but as with other mini consoles, they feel a little lighter and cheaper than the original controllers. IMO, the controller is the only major area where the console falls short (figuratively and literally...the cords are a bit on the short side at 6' long).

    Booting up the system for the first time, you just pick an operating language and you're all set to go. You're greeted with a list of 42 games, including some absolute classics.

    The system solves the aspect ratio problem by putting this border around the game (and yes, that Sonic silhouette is there during any game, not just Sonic games).

    One of my absolute favorite things about the console is the power adapter, which is just a USB cable and this tiny block. The block is so slim and compact that I could plug it into a surge protector between the power blocks for my router and modem! That's a huge win when you have a bunch of consoles and crap plugged into the same area.

    So, is the Sega Genesis Mini worth the $79.99 price tag? If you're a fan of classic Sega games and you can't play them elsewhere, then the answer is almost definitely yes.

    Now, go forth and get your Sonic on. Or your ToeJam & Earl on. Whatever you like.

    Note: Sega provided this console free of charge but BuzzFeed was under no obligation to review it.