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    24 Jokes From "The Office" That Never Get Old


    1. This financial move from Michael.

    2. Or this well-known phrase.

    3. This truth about prison.

    4. Or this outburst from Kelly, which probably comes up anytime you think of fashion shows OR lunch.

    5. This old adage, courtesy of Michael.

    6. Or this one.

    7. This strategy from Kevin.

    8. This summary of Michael's feelings toward Toby.

    9. This truth from Dwight.

    10. This misunderstanding of acronyms.

    11. This, of course.

    12. Michael's words that we should all live by.

    13. Creed's URL.

    14. Jim's vampire prank, which you pretty much have to re-enact if you ever wear a black coat.

    15. This reaction all Office fans have to Justin Bieber.

    16. Dwight's hierarchy of weaknesses.

    17. When Michael was an "escape goat."

    18. And when he was just a little stitious.

    19. When Creed got lucky.

    20. Michael's attempts to revive Stanley.

    21. Kelly's very important question.

    22. Michael's username.

    23. This Michael Scott masterpiece.

    24. And finally, of course: