21 Of The Funniest Reddit Jokes About "House Of The Dragon" Season 1

    Reddit is one of the best places to discuss House of the Dragon episodes after they air, in part because some of the comments are hilarious. Here are 21 of the best ones I've read.

    Now that Season 1 of House of the Dragon has come to an end, here are some of the funniest jokes that Reddit commenters have made throughout the season. H/T to r/freefolk and r/houseofthedragon.

    1. On Larys, in general:

    "Alicent: Larys: may I do an atrocity for you m'lady"

    2. On the ride home:

    "I know Aemond's ride home on Vhagar was dead silent like me and my dad driving back home from a little league game where I struck out 5 times"

    3. On Rhaenys's escape:

    "Imagine being a peasant just trying to go to work, and you get fucking tail wiped by a dragon...at an event to which you were literally dragged...this coronation could've been an email"

    4. On brotherly love:

    "100 year old, bedridden, half-lucid Viserys who is missing an eye and an arm, open wounds, can barely hold his head up and actively decomposing: dies...Daemon: MY BROTHER WAS MURDERED...Struck down in his prime"

    5. On Larys's fetish:

    "Larys Tarantino over here"

    6. And again:

    "Fellas, have you ever killed your brother and dad for a glimpse of some tasty feet?...Chaos is a ladder, or maybe more of a footstool...Over 100 years before there was Littlefinger, there was Littletoe"

    7. On Criston's temper:

    "Didn't have masturbating to feet on my bingo card...Did have Ser Criston overreacting and murdering an innocent though"

    8. On confusing naming conventions:

    "STOP NAMING YOUR KIDS AEGON...If enough kids are named Aegon, the prophecy will eventually come true"

    9. On Vaemond's last moments:

    "Say it...I know what you are...bastards....He got straight up fruitninja'd"

    10. On Daemon's glare:

    "I didn't notice it in episode 2, but otherwise Daemon has had a completely silent scene in every episode....that man says a thousand words with his eyes and posture"

    11. On Rhaenyra's human Spotify:

    "Rhaenyra having an actual dude be her replay button was hilarious...Go back 12 seconds by order of your Princess"

    12. On Westerosi weddings:

    "Wouldn't be a Westerosi wedding without at least 1 violent crime...Just don't go to a wedding if your name is Joffrey"

    13. On the hour of the owl:

    "...nothing good ever happens during the hour of the owl; several of the servants have now admitted to seeing her, the Princess, creeping through the gates from King's Landing, disguised as a page during the hour of the owl Me: NOT THE HOUR OF THE OWL"

    14. On Stannis and fire:

    "Damn, no one told Stannis he could light up the map...He was too busy doing that to his daughter"

    15. On Corlys and Vaemond:

    "love how corlys was ready to avenge his brother for all of 3.6 seconds; he was legit like WTF? I'm about to kill someone! Rhaenys then tells him why he was beheaded; Corlys then goes to oh well shit he had it coming then lol; shit dude got off easy"

    16. On Aemond's eye:

    I gotta say, Aemond's sapphire eye looks sick as fuck; the actor is perfect for the role; yeah, which is lucky considering they didn't have a whole lot of actors with a sapphire in their eye socket to choose from

    17. On It's Always Sunny in Westeros:

    Aemond: I'm absolutely not, under any circumstances, going to start a dragon war; Aemond starts a dragon war

    18. On Vhagar:

    Aemond: Serve me Vhagar; Oldest living thing in the world: No; Imma serve myself some dinner

    19. On Luke:

    Did I really just watch Lucerys get eaten? No, you watched Arrax get eating; Luke was just an accident; Luke was just garnish

    20. On war crimes:

    Vhagar the war criminal really said fuck them kids

    21. And finally, on collecting dragons:

    Everyone be playing checkers while Daemon be playing Pokemon