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    Jun 2, 2019

    I'm Pretty Sure Jared Leto Is Just Courteney Cox With A Beard After Seeing This Instagram

    These Snapchat filters are really something.

    Friends, let's go on a journey. It starts about a week ago, when Jared "Weird Joker But OK" Leto posted this simple selfie on Insta, plugging both his upcoming Marvel movie Morbius and his upcoming reunion tour with 30 Seconds To Mars.

    In the comments, Zach "Scrubs Is Underrated" Braff said the pic had "Courteney Cox vibes," probably because of Leto's piercing blue eyes and VERY good hair day.

    Well, clearly Courteney took notice, because this weekend she posted a car selfie of her own.

    And oh, don't you worry, she made sure to use the absolute best possible caption:

    The Celebrities of Instagram all love it:

    And yes, Zach did take notice. This is all thanks to you, Zach!

    Basically, Courteney "Bring Back Cougartown" Cox remains the absolute queen of Instagram. The end.


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