Courteney Cox Recreated That Iconic "PIVOT!" Scene And Instagram Is Living For It

    Ross would be so proud.

    Courteney Cox may have only joined Instagram a month ago, but she's already pretty damn good at the sport. Whether she's making fun of her daughter for falling asleep while watching Friends...

    ...Or posting silly selfies with her unlikely BFF Ed Sheeran...

    ...Or sharing the occasional throwback with a former co-star...

    ...The point is, her Instagram game is STRONG. So you can imagine my delight yesterday, when she shared a video of her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, moving a big ol' piece of furniture in her house with the help of some friends. And guess what she was screaming at them the whole time.

    Please just watch:

    "PIVOT! PIVOT!" she keeps yelling at the guys, who seem only mildly annoyed to be a part of this iconic recreation.

    "That's so helpful, darling, thank you," her boyfriend replies.

    And after many shouts of "PIVOT!" and a whole lot of struggle, the table finally reached its destination.

    Ross would be so proud.

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