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    17 Posts About Muggle-Borns That Will Make Harry Potter Fans Laugh

    All of these things are now Harry Potter canon.

    1. The Muggle-born whose Patronus is AWESOME:

    2. The Muggle-born who calls wizards on their BS:

    3. The Muggle-born who just wants to be like Tris:

    4. The Muggle-borns who take full advantage of the moving stairs:

    5. The Muggle-borns who just miss their browsers:

    6. The entrepreneurial Slytherin Muggle-born:

    7. The Muggle-borns who can settle this debate with magic:

    8. The Muggle-borns who are never gonna give memes up:

    9. The Muggle-borns who give Crocs a comeback:

    10. The Muggle-born who can do wandless magic from the get-go:

    11. The Muggle-borns who miss their shows:

    12. The Muggle-borns who use the Room of Requirement for all the right reasons:

    13. The Muggle-born who just laughs at Ravenclaws:

    14. The Muggle-borns who just want to check Twitter:

    15. The Muggle-borns who know how to intimidate:

    16. The Muggle-born with a thermos:

    17. And finally, the Muggle-borns who just miss Pokémon Go:

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