These Dresses At Paris Fashion Week Look Like A Glitch In The Matrix And I'm So Confused

    My brain hurts.

    Paris Fashion Week happened last week, which means we saw all kinds of very cutting-edge looks. Like, for example, Doja Cat's all-red outfit with Swarovski crystals glued to her face.

    Doja Cat with crystals all over her face and body in a strapless dress and knee-high boots

    However, I want to direct your attention to the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring/Summer show, because I don't understand fashion, and frankly, what happened here confused and frightened me. It started with some normal-looking gowns, like this one:

    strapless gown resembling a wedding dress

    But then...

    model wearing a dress that has been flipped to the side

    ...models started walking out...

    two models walking with dresses worn in abstract ways dresses that broke my brain.

    model walking with a dress attached to her diagonally

    It looks like they're in a video game and their clothing clipped right through them!

    model walking with a dress attached upside down, covering her face

    How'd they even do this one??

    model walking with a dress that is on the side of her, making it look like a ghost is walking beside her


    model wearing a dress through her to make it look like she's got a hole in her stomach

    It's like a glitch in the Matrix or something.

    model walking with a dress attached like the dress is going through her

    I also wanna know, just from a practical standpoint, how this specific model walked with an entire skirt covering their face.

    model walking with a dress covering her face

    Okay, in all seriousness, this is very cool, but it does give me a chuckle seeing these "glitch" dresses next to the "normal" ones. Like, whoops! It's on sideways!

    model with a dress attached to the side leading other models with gowns worn normally

    There's probably a metaphor here that explains the ~meaning~ behind these dresses, but I am 100% not smart enough nor knowledgeable about fashion to know what it is, so please tell me in the comments, because I am FASCINATED.

    model walking with a dress attached and lifted off of her chest

    Anyways, congrats to the designers on a successful show that got me — a person who knows jack-all about fashion — to look through, like, 50 photos of dresses. And kudos to the models for not bumping into anything.

    model with a dress going through her sideways

    OK, bye!

    model with a dress attached askew