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21 Posts That Only Feminists Will Find Funny

Taking up arms against misogynist trolls since always.

1. When the truth behind "cockblocking" came out.

2. When Cosmo actually nailed it.

3. When @Midnight gave everyone a little perspective.

4. When someone called out this dude's hypocrisy.

5. When they pointed out who's really overemotional.

6. When one girl got the last laugh.


7. When this thread had too many wins in one place.

floozys / tumblr / Via

8. When bra visibility wasn't the real problem.

9. When a sexist joke was met with a much better joke.

maxolines / tumblr / Via

10. When a 1970s feminist had the perfect response to a sexist ad.

11. When this Omegle user warded off an internet creep.

toocooltobehip / tumblr / Via

12. When one woman shut down outside opinions about her body.

n-a-blue-box / tumblr / Via

13. When a "friend-zoned guy" was put in his place.

14. When this GIF comic was the only thing that could describe this burn.

15. When this genius came up with the best way to respond to a request for nudes.

16. When this person made a very good point.

lrauie / tumblr / Via

17. When this guy was clearly in a school band.

18. When "make me a sandwich" was flipped.

thecorinediaries / tumblr / Via

19. When this hero called out ridiculous dress codes.

angelshavethephonebox / tumblr / Via

20. When an "anti-feminist" got burned so bad you could feel it through the screen.

21. When Carson needed to take a good, long look in a mirror, and not to take a selfie.

saturateddd / tumblr / Via