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    Fuck It, Just Wear Cargo Shorts

    I...can carry....EVERYTHING.

    Hello everyone. We are gathered here today to talk about these:

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    Yes, cargo shorts have been much maligned in recent years. There are jokes. There are memes.

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    But the thing is, cargo shorts are actually the greatest. They're SO COMFY y'all.

    And I'm not just saying this for the men out there. Ladies, are you sick of this happening to you? Cargo shorts would NEVER treat you like this.

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    But the real draw here — the thing that makes cargo shorts the real hero of the pants world — is the POCKETS.

    low key obsessed with cargo shorts... THEY HAVE SO MANY POCKETS!!!

    You can carry EVERYTHING. Wallets! A hair brush! Snacks! Chapstick! A very small dog! A Polish-English dictionary! A small Kindle! At least 10 cell phones!


    Hey, I get it. I'm just some random guy on the internet. Why should you listen to me? WELL, what about if Queen Latifah wore them?

    Now, I understand that some of you might be like, "Ugh, they're just so 2009," or, "I don't want to look like a dad at Disneyland." Fair enough, they're not on trend. But also, FUCK TRENDS, wear what makes you happy and allows you to carry all your shit when you DO go to Disneyland!

    In summary: Wear what you want to wear, and please consider cargo shorts because they're great. Thank you and goodnight.

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