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    25 Haunted Houses Across America That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

    Looking for a good haunted maze to visit this season? Try one of these out!

    It's time for fall, which means it's time to get your pants scared off at a haunted house.


    But if you're a true horror aficionado, you might want to drive a little farther to the best haunted house you can find. We asked Yelp for the best haunted houses and mazes across the country, based on an algorithm that weighs the number of reviews plus the star rating for each business on Yelp (and doesn't include chains or mazes that are part of larger parks like Universal Studios).

    So here are some of the very best, very scariest haunted houses across the US, according to people who survived them firsthand.

    WARNING: Some of the images below may be disturbing!

    Jack and Jill's Haunted Hill — Phoenix, Arizona

    Opens Oct. 1

    "I was scared but it doesn't take much for that to happen but my guy friend jumped a time or two as well, so that definitely speaks to how well done the haunts were. It took us about 10-15 minutes to get through but it went by quickly. It was about $46 for the both of us and that was including a coupon code for $5 off both tickets, I'd definitely recommend it though." —Yelper Samantha S.

    The Backwoods Maze — Burbank, California

    Jensen L. / Via

    Opens Oct. 14

    "Free maze in a home's backyard, but please donate so they'll continue this awesome, fun, scary maze every year. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7-10pm" —Yelper Dianna D.

    "My friends and I went last night and we screamed our heads off the entire time. The maze is so well thought out, it makes so many turns which provide the actors plenty of places to hide and jump out at you. And the props are amazing! So professional looking. It was like being in a scary movie." —Yelper Shara D.

    Savage House — San Diego, California

    Sean E. / Via

    Opens Oct. 1

    "It was just phenomenal. And if you think that ending a maze with one guy with a chainsaw is scary...THIS end will give you nightmares." —Yelper Francisco H.

    Trail of Terror — Walingford, Connecticut

    Opens Oct. 1

    "I roll my eyes at scary movies, I was genuinely afraid of this!! The trick is, you don't know what's just a fake figure and a person standing in the dark. Be prepared for crawling (multiple times), climbing and walking on uneven surfaces." —Yelper Amanda S.

    The Shallow Grave — Winter Haven, Florida

    Opens Sept. 30

    "The houses are incredibly detailed and even smelled scary! The actors are allowed to touch you and stalk you room to room. Larger than life characters and scare tactics!! I've never heard a group of college boys scream so loud in my life!" —Yelper Holly W.

    Scream-A-Geddon — Dade City, Florida

    Opens Sept. 23

    "The walk through the woods was one of the best. I truly felt as if I was walking through a scary movie that was about to become real. Again what's more scary then actually walking through some dark woods in the middle of nowhere! And the little backwoods houses and villages they had set up fit the scene perfectly." —Yelper Brandon B.

    Netherworld Haunted House — Norcross, Georgia

    Opens Sept. 23

    "Every year it is something new, something different, and they've never disappointed. With two houses, each is themed wildly different. One is a lavish feast for the eyes, the other tends to be gritty and downright grotesque. But both are sensory delights, from sound to scent and everything in between, your mind scurries to keep up with just what the next fright will be." —Yelper Dianna B.

    Basement of the Dead — Aurora, Illinois

    Opens Sept. 23

    "This is an amazing haunted house. I'm reluctant to get too specific as to not spoil anything, but LOADS of effort went into designing and staffing this whole thing. The best part about it all is they very deliberately put through super tiny groups paced reasonably well. There were more than a few times where we felt like we were totally alone inside, which is a really neat feeling for a haunted house." —Yelper Eli H.

    Saint Pascal's Haunted House — Chicago, Illinois

    Opens Oct. 14

    "For being a locally run haunt (with many volunteer scarers, no doubt), the crew at The Catacombs did a commendable job. Being located in the basement of St. Pascal's Church lends a definitely eerie vibe from the get-go." —Yelper Eric S.

    The 13th Gate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Opens Sept. 23

    "The start of the 13th Gate is insanely scary. I almost shat myself in the elevator — even though I had a strong inkling as to what was going to happen. They really throw the fear at you in the first half of the journey. It was so, so well done. The rooms are strongly detailed and you walk through such a wide variety of horror-themed environs." —Yelper Anna E.

    The Terrorfied Forest and Manor — Pinckney, Michigan

    Opened Sept. 16

    "Loved that they separate all the groups and pay attention to only your group. Props and buildings were very well put together. Monsters had great scare factor and were placed appropriately for good startles!" —Yelper Kerri A.

    Erebus Haunted House — Pontiac, Michigan

    Opens Sept. 23

    "This place was great. What a huge investment, and I think it's paying off. You spend at least 30 minutes going through it. I am not usually a wimp but towards the end I was a little out of breath and sweaty lol. Creepy small clown was the best/worst. Get there early and you don't wait in line or have a bunch of other groups ruining your scares." —Yelper Amy C.

    The Dead-End Hayride — Wyoming, Minnesota

    Opens Sept. 25

    "We upgraded our tickets to VIP (another $12 or $32 each total). The VIP wait time was 20 mins for the first line, and then we immediately got through the next few lines. I thought the hayride would be the easy part. No! No it wasn't! The hayride was quite eventful and thrilling. There were special effects and plenty of hands-on scares as we were carted at 10mph. I am elated that I didn't cause someone to fall off and get run over due to my constant jumping and writhing." —Yelper Kara D.

    Haunted Forest at Panic Point — Youngsville, North Carolina

    Opens Sept. 24

    "The main attraction is a half-mile walk through the woods on a dimly lit path, full of well-costumed, well-trained actor ghouls and ghosts ready to play on your mounting fear as you get farther and farther away from the comforting light of the fire and boom of the bass. After a few minutes of walking, you can't see anything but the pools of light lit by the small ground lighting every 30 feet or so, or hear anything but the frightened screams of groups in front and behind you." —Yelper Carter C.

    Bane Haunted House — Livingston, New Jersey

    Opens Sept. 23

    "It was really so terrifying I wanted to leave after five minutes in. Luckily I had my boyfriend with me to push me to keep going and I'm so glad, it was worth it. Normal admission is $25 a person." —Yelper Ashley K.

    Asylum and Hotel Fear — Las Vegas, Nevada

    Opens Sept. 30

    "I was terrified. My boyfriend convinced me to go with him, and that was a mistake, lol. He really enjoyed it especially forcing me to walk in front of him! Other than possibly getting a new boyfriend, this is one of the best Haunted Houses on the West Coast, and definitely THE best in Las Vegas!" —Yelper Danielle W.

    Darkside Haunted House — Wading River, New York

    Opens Sept. 30

    "Actors are in full character mode, starting with the doorman you are greeted by out front. All sorts of different scenes inside, crazy doctor, crazy butcher, crazy psych ward and lots of darkness! They also have a haunted village, where you're walking through a cemetery outside. Actors look real, and the house looks real, the show is awesome!" —Yelper Jessica S.

    Gateway's Haunted Playhouse — Bellport, New York

    Opens Sept. 23

    "Best haunted house I've ever been to and I've been to nearly every one on Long Island and NYC. Year after year they never cease to scare me and the 45-minute walkthrough is one of the longest. $25 is worth every penny, trust me." —Yelper Chris C.

    Field of Screams — Mountville, Pennsylvania

    Opened Sept. 16

    "I went for 'extreme blackout night' for a full-throttle end of the year scare, and I was not disappointed! The actors were able to touch and more! I was thrown in a room by myself and separated from my group, I was picked up and put on a table and attacked by a nail gun, a pill was shoved in my mouth!" —Yelper Dan C.

    Fright Factory — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Facebook: FrightFactoryPA

    Opens Sept. 30

    "Best. Haunted. House. Ever. Such a great time. The people were professional actors. The costumes and makeup were amazing. At one point I was thinking, Wow. This is really good. Actually freaky. Def recommend. And I'm a haunted house Halloween person. Very cool. Loved it." —Yelper Cera W.

    Dark Hour Haunted House — Plano, Texas

    Opens Sept. 23

    "This is one of the best haunted houses that I've ever been to. I would recommend getting the combo pass. The main haunted house is longer than the second but they are equally fun and you get a different experience. The actors were great and the props were even better. You can tell they put A LOT of effort into customer satisfaction. They even had a live performance going on while you are waiting." —Yelper Daryus B.

    Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park — Smithville, Texas

    Opened Sept. 16

    "This place was great! The setting is perfect for a Halloween-themed attraction, nestled in the woods off of a dirt road. Before you even get to the three haunted houses, you can enjoy some beers and watch a live band. The houses are all very well done, great scares, creepy sets, and costumes." —Yelper Chris P.

    Shocktober — Leesburg, Virginia

    Opens Sept. 30

    "This place is a gem in the tradition of Halloween-time haunted houses. I loved it because it's actually three separate haunted houses all next to each other. The Paxton Manor Inn (Mansion), The Funhouse (run by scary clowns), and The Haunted Well Of Souls (In a huge underground basement). All super scary. Pricing is reasonable for these things: $20 for the mansion, and then $5 for each additional attraction like the Funhouse and Haunted Well of Souls." —Yelper Stacy G.

    Fright Factory — Buckley, Washington

    Opens Oct. 1

    "I would not recommend this for children. Only teens, and up. Without ruining the experience, this is the scariest thing I have ever walked through. They are not allowed to touch anyone, but there is no need. The characters working in here are 100% in character, and say some of the trippiest things directly to you, and/or about you." —Yelper Jason F.