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    24 Videos That Are Funny Enough To Put Your Headphones On For

    Sound on, click play. Trust me.

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    1. This armchair detective in action:

    Just one of those days where I’m rattling off information about a suspect in a crime... and someone fitting that EXACT description pops up right behind me! Could this be the criminal? Maybe... #Coincidence #newsies #MyDayInLA

    2. This one, which is still funny if you don't watch musicals:

    when characters in musicals transition from speaking to singing

    3. This boyfriend's digital craft project:

    In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording...

    4. This cat's reaction:

    5. This reporter's big gamble:

    This cannot be real... sound up all the way LMFAOOOO

    6. This short impression that's so funny...

    here’s my impression of the engineer who was in the studio with Fat Joe that day

    7. ...that I included two of them:

    8. This impression of a guy that everyone on Twitter knows:

    my impression of a verified Twitter user with 460k followers replying to Tr*mp’s latest tweet “RESIGN CHEETO!! 🤡 ” and getting 11.2k faves

    9. This very true moment:

    This is what everyone looks like at the end of a video when they’re stopping the video:

    10. This surprisingly extensive song:

    11. This woman's reaction, thankfully caught on camera:

    12. This musical piece of metal:

    Yeah! by Usher played on a file organizer

    13. This bait-and-switch:

    14. This terrorizing chicken:

    We have a chicken at work and it loves attacking me when I let it out

    15. This boyfriend's desperate gambit:

    the other night my boyfriend & i got drunk together, i went to go to the bathroom & guess i was in there too long, so he told me if i’m okay to grab the cheezit

    16. This truth:

    when your dog hasn’t seen you for 8 hours

    17. This drink, which might be mocking you:

    asked for sprite but they gave me clown juice instead

    18. This celebration of music:

    Her: “he’s probably out cheating on me” Me with the boys:

    19. This incredible soundbite:

    this is the funniest start to an interview i have ever seen i love robert smith man

    20. This lizard's dinner:

    Dinner date didn’t go as planned

    21. This very thorough explanation:

    22. This sneaky theft:

    23. This bit of ingenuity:

    I cant afford a gym membership so 😂

    24. And finally, this excellent use of a filter:

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