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22 Facebook Posts That Will Make You Weep

Is it too late to just shut the whole site down?

1. This cartography expert.

2. The person who had two chances and blew them both.

3. This poor guy's mom.

4. The person who knew the Titanic was just in that one DiCaprio movie.

5. The guy who probably had a rough couple of days after this.

6. Luke and his relationship status.

7. This person, who is practically Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

8. The person who solved America's health care system, but nobody listened.

9. This Marilyn Monroe fan.

10. This future herpetologist.

11. This walking ball of irony.

12. Whoever wrote this sexy comment.

13. The person who was fed up with those ancient Greeks.

14. This party animal.

15. This dedicated grandchild.

16. This over-sharer, and his mom.

17. The guy with the really bad timing.

18. This geography expert.

19. The person who was hopefully not planning on running for office.

20. This proud mommy.

21. This poor, gullible person.

22. And finally, this patriot.

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