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21 Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts To Make You Feel Better

Harry learned he could talk to snakes and his first reaction was to make small talk.

1. This is probably an actual photo of Sirius and James.

2. Hermione probably should've been nicer to Trelawney.

3. And she probably could've been an even better student than she was.

4. Literally anything could have happened in the books and we wouldn't know, thanks to Harry's viewpoint.

5. This...probably wasn't the reaction most of us would have had.

6. They probably should have used a more reliable form of correspondence.

7. People were really into long hair in Goblet of Fire.

8. This is almost definitely what Ron and Hermione's sex life is like.

9. The Sorting Hat probably had to do this at some point.

10. The Potters and the Longbottoms had a very eventful Halloween.

11. People probably were worried about "Hot Tom" for a while.

12. Lupin has more wisdom than you even realized.

13. The professors at Hogwarts were witnesses to some serious teen drama.

14. Howlers were most likely misused.

15. Things would've gone much quicker with Sherlock on board.

16. US audiences probably could've handled the original title.

17. These really should be the mottos of each house.

18. The traits for the houses may have gotten a bit vague over time.

19. It's honestly a miracle Fred and George didn't call Voldemort this.

20. Snape didn't really redeem himself, tbh.

21. And finally, Lucius Malfoy = 100% PTA dad.