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    19 People Who Deserve A Sincere "Well Played"

    Sometimes life just hands you a joke.

    1. This Taco Bell sign, which knew just how to get the applications rolling in.

    2. This helpful vandal, who recognized an important missed step.

    3. This student, who definitely did what was asked.

    4. NASA, who really nailed it in the naming category.

    5. This dad, who found humor in a potential emergency.

    6. This Acura owner, who decided the price of a vanity plate was totally worth it.

    7. This restaurant, which made an unsinkable pun.

    Elvert Barnes / Via Flickr: perspective

    8. This person, who probably knows a thing or two about bustin' ghosts.

    9. This jokester, who managed to use the same line twice.

    10. This dairy company, which knew exactly what to name itself.

    11. This dad, who had the perfect joke.

    MY DAD: What does the Caller ID say? MY MOM: "Private Caller." MY DAD: Don't answer. We only pick up if it says Lieutenant Caller or higher.

    12. The very dedicated person who took the effort to drag a stove out to the highway.

    13. This dollar store, which made good use of the old Blockbuster letters that were left there.

    14. The absolute genius who thought up this product.

    15. This person, who loves what they love.

    16. This UCSD student, who just wanted to help people do important work.

    17. This vandal, who just couldn't resist being a smartass.

    18. This rebel, who decided to stick it to the man.

    19. And finally, the Chicago Department of Transportation, which made this catchy sign.

    Grass-Danimals / Via

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