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19 People Who Got Caught Bullshitting

Never try to lie on the internet.

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1. Bow Wow, when he tried to make his flight look fancy:

2. The person who tried to make their good boy look like a bad boy:

killersayshi / Via

3. The hacker:

jaytix1 / Via

4. The person who wasn't about to let being vegan stop their Chipotle order:

5. The kid who got busted by his mom:

peanutbutterpandapuf / Via

6. The mom with the most eloquent two-year-old in existence:

Satirical-Intent / Via

7. The guy who tried to act like he knew Seth Rogen:

8. The kid who definitely had a little help:

swaggiest_swaggster / Via

9. The customer who tried to flame a business:

kaboomeh / Via

10. The person who forgot to change their account before lying for the second time:

Blackfloydphish / Via

11. The troll who used the wrong stolen identity:

12. The picky eater who was called out by his own dad:

xX420_WeedMan_420Xx / Via

13. The person whose dog was just fine, don't worry:

Bigblockchevy / Via

14. The customer whose one-star review omitted a fact or two:

navbot518 / Via

15. The person who just found a random shaved head and started tweeting nonsense:

16. The very smart 15-year-old:

17. The mom with a very poetic toddler:

18. And finally, the guy who was too good for the NBA:

joedefar / Via

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