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    18 Binge-Worthy Shows That Have Every Single Episode On Netflix

    Each show can be watched from first to last episode, to maximize your binge-watching potential.

    1. Scrubs


    There are few shows out there that have a sense of humor as unique as Scrubs. Between J.D.'s fantasies, Dr. Cox's wordplay, the almost IRL-Looney-Tunes emphasis on physical comedy, and the wild card that is Neil Flynn's Janitor, there's something for everyone.

    2. Louie


    Louis C.K. has moved on to new shows (like Horace and Pete, which is available on his website), so every episode of his first FX series is now available on Netflix. It's brilliantly done, often strange, and at times insanely funny. It's unclear whether Louis meant for his character to be as problematic toward women as he turned out to be later on in the series, but the show is worth a watch regardless.

    3. Top Boy

    Channel 4

    Britain has put out some exceptional crime shows in the past (Luther would be included on this list, but not every episode is available on Netflix as of yet), but Top Boy is one of the best. Focusing on London street gangs, the show is perfect for those who enjoyed The Wire or The Sopranos and want a little more well-made crime drama in their lives.

    4. Friends


    This might seem like an obvious choice, but there are a lot of episodes of Friends, and if you weren't quite old enough in the '90s or early '00s, there's a good chance you haven't really experienced the whole show. But even if you have, go back and give it all a watch again. You'll be glad you did.

    5. Firefly


    Even if you haven't seen Firefly, you might have heard the show's fans complaining on the internet. The show — which centers on a ragtag group of smugglers in a future where the human race has moved to a new star system — was cancelled due to poor ratings, even though just about every episode of the first season is brilliantly entertaining.

    6. The Crazy Ones


    This CBS sitcom only got one season, but it was a charming one. The show starred Robin Williams in some of his final work as an eccentric ad executive running his firm with his daughter (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Up-and-coming star James Wolk also starred, rounding out a talented and likable cast.

    7. Basically any Star Trek show.

    CBS / Via

    Did you know that every single episode of Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Enterprise are on Netflix right now? I didn't, and now my evenings are booked for the next several months.

    8. Friday Night Lights


    Even if you've never set foot in Texas or watched a minute of football, Friday Night Lights will feel like home. An exceptional cast, an intimate style, and an engaging story make this easily one of the best dramas of the last decade. Clear eyes, full hearts, WATCH THIS SHOW. Just go ahead and skip Season 2.

    9. Animaniacs


    Yep, every single episode of Animaniacs is now on Netflix! You could watch for the nostalgia factor, but many of the cartoons featured on this show are worth a rewatch as an adult so you can catch all the pop culture references that went over your head as a kid. For example, you probably didn't get the "Rita and Runt" episode that parodied Les Misérables.

    10. Freaks and Geeks


    If you're into coming-of-age stories, this is one of the best. This short-lived series was created by Judd Apatow, and features a cast of incredibly talented comedic actors before they became super famous, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, Martin Starr, and James Franco included.

    11. The IT Crowd

    Channel 4

    You know how The Big Bang Theory is a good idea in theory, but not so much in practice? The IT Crowd is what that show should be. It's smart, hilarious, and deals with social awkwardness in a way that will make you say "me."

    12. Parks and Recreation


    Parks and Rec never soared to the rating heights that The Office did, which means there are plenty of you out there who never saw the show. That's understandable: Even the most die-hard fans will tell you that the first season is lackluster. Stick with it (or just start with Season 2) and by the time you get to the end you'll be very, very happy you did.

    13. How I Met Your Mother


    Watching this smart, heartfelt sitcom while it was airing on CBS is one thing, but watching it all over again on Netflix could reveal details that you didn't notice before — especially since HIMYM likes to reference past episodes and drop in little Easter eggs for fans to find.

    14. The United States of Tara


    This Showtime show boasts Steven Spielberg as director, Diablo Cody as writer, and Toni Collette — who won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role — in the lead. Pretty impressive, huh? All of that talent is well apparent in the show, which follows Collette as a woman with dissociative identity disorder.

    15. Dexter


    Let's ignore that series finale and focus on the good, shall we? Dexter was an insanely tense, suspenseful show, and one of the first to feature the antihero archetype that later leant itself to the likes of Breaking Bad (which is also available in full on Netflix). The show has its ups and downs on rewatching, but the good outweighs the "meh" for a thoroughly entertaining long as you don't mind a little blood.

    16. Breaking Bad


    It's Breaking Bad. It's one of the biggest things to happen on TV in recent years. If you haven't watched it all by this point, chances are you saw some episodes and decided it wasn't for you, or you're just stubborn. If it's the latter, give it a chance.

    17. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


    Teen dramas are just so much better with vampires involved. This is the show that made Joss Whedon who he is today, and it's just as smart, funny, and engaging as any of the rest of his projects (see Firefly). With all seven seasons available, you can take the ride from start to finish.

    18. Gilmore Girls


    If you need a feelgood show, you have every single season of Gilmore Girls at your streaming disposal. If you haven't seen it yet, you can finally join the age-old argument of whom Rory and/or Lorelai should have ended up with. If you have seen it, why not watch it again?

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