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21 People Who Lost Their Selfie Stick Privileges In 2014

News flash: No one looks cool with a selfie stick.

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1. These people, who also need their driving privileges revoked.

3. This guy, who accidentally caught himself chillin'.

4. This guy, who accidentally caught himself studying.

5. And these guys, who accidentally caught themselves reading.

6. This guy, who captured the most serious photo series in existence.

7. The man whose dog wants nothing to do with it.

9. Elf on the Shelf.

10. This overzealous father.

11. This photo aficionado.

12. These selfie shooters.

13. This man in a criminally awkward bed pose.

14. This serial vaper.

15. This guy, who needed the selfie stick to photograph his hand.

17. And this pooper.

18. This excited realtor.

19. Both this man and his pet snake.

20. Anyone attending the Dubai Sevens.

21. And the entire nation of South Korea.

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