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    23 Dec 2014

    Meet The Mumbai Band Whose Christmas Song Is Taking Over The World

    BuzzFeed India spoke to Zarir Warden and Garth D'Mello of "The Other People," a Bombay band whose new single "Christmas Is Here" is making waves all around the world.

    If you haven't already heard of them, these are The Other People, one of Mumbai's most popular pop-rock ensembles.

    The Other People

    Pictured above: Gavin Cason (lead guitar/vocals), Samuel Berlie (rhythm guitar/vocals), Loy Henriques (bass guitar/vocals), Joshua Vaz (drums, percussion), Garth D'Mello (keyboard/vocals) and Zarir Warden (vocals).

    Recently, they released their Christmas single, "Christmas Is Here", which has gotten attention and accolades on an international level.

    View this video on YouTube

    The video is on VH-1's list of top five Christmas videos of 2014, along with names like Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Michael Bublé.

    The video also made it into the iTunes top five Christmas songs to buy this year, a list which also features Sam Smith and The Vamps.

    We got Garth D'Mello and Zarir Warden to come down to the BuzzFeed India office and tells us a little about their recent success.


    Zarir explained that they came up with the concept of the video because they wanted it to have a "warm fuzzy feel." They also explained that they were supposed to release it last year, but because of time constraints and budgeting issues, the video was delayed.

    "But I think it worked out for the best, because the final product was great," Garth said.

    Both Garth and Zarir were overwhelmed by the great reception their song and video have received, and explained that the band is hoping to release two more songs by early next year, which would also lead into their album release, slated for the first few days of March.

    When they were done telling us all about "Christmas Is Here," we put Garth and Zarir to work answering some far more important questions for us.


    1. For instance: What is your favourite thing about Christmas in Bombay?


    (We didn't realize how much healthy debate and disagreement this would cause.)

    2. What's the weirdest thing a fan has every done at a show?


    3. Which Indian public figure would make the best Santa Claus?


    4. When did you find out Santa wasn't real?


    5. What do you want from Santa, that you know you definitely can't ask for (because it's super weird).


    6. What do you think each other's resolutions for the new year will be?


    7. And, of course: What's next for The Other People?


    The Other People will be releasing their next track in January. For now, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and check out their music on their YouTube channel.

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