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This Indian Student's Drawings Of Celebrities Are Amazingly Realistic

Prepare to feel insecure about all your skills and talents.

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Nehaal Gonsalves, an Indian student of architecture, has been recreating celebrity photos for some time now. "I do most of my work digitally now, with a graphic tablet and a real banged up laptop. But the process I go through is generally the same, I start off with a particular person I want to draw then search the internet for a picture which I like then I start with the drawing," Nehaal told BuzzFeed in an email.

He initially started off drawing women. "I wondered how come that particular set of features makes such a large number of people find them attractive. Then I tried my best to replicate them," he explained.


Some of Nehaal's works are less based in realism, but remarkable nonetheless:

Nehaal is almost done with his architectural studies but continues to have a passion for drawing and improving his skills digitally. You can check out more of his awesome artwork here.