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    23 Screenshots Every Indian Above 23 Will Remember

    I mean, if you've ever played a game in your life that is.

    1. This never-ending quest to keep a clear mind just to get that one elusive long brick in Tetris.

    2. Getting the Spread Gun in Contra made you unstoppable.

    3. You really had to watch those daggers being flung at you in Aladdin.

    4. You were always terrified that the jetpack wouldn't last till you got to safety in Dangerous Dave.

    5. Remember when you had to insert a floppy disk to play Wolfenstein? Lol.

    6. Duke Nukem might have been the most badass anti-hero ever.

    7. Finding an insane gun just casually lying about in Quake was the best feeling ever.

    8. And getting busted in GTA 3 was the absolute worst.

    9. But it's chill, you could take out your frustration on the cops in Road Rash.

    10. Need For Speed: Underground looked like some next level shit.

    11. But NFS 2 was definitely the best.

    12. Shelby Cobras weren't part of our history books, but that didn't stop Age Of Empires 2.

    13. Admit it, messing up tricks in Tony Hawk Pro Skater because you didn't keep L1 pressed long enough made you want to shoot yourself.

    14. Going into "god mode" was super easy because everyone knew the cheat codes for Doom.

    15. It was super difficult to master the fatalities of every character in Mortal Kombat, but you'd never stop trying to.

    16. Getting stabbed by the skeletons was alright, but plummeting to your death into a sea of swords was the worst way to go in Prince Of Persia.

    17. The combination of these two massive franchises in Marvel Vs. Capcom was enough to get anyone excited for the future of gaming.

    18. You still remember the voices of your units in Red Alert 2.

    19. Be honest, you thought your future house would look like the one you built in Sims, didn't you?

    20. The most annoying part about WWF Wrestlemania was how badly your hand hurt after toggling the joystick to escape a chokehold.

    21. FIFA 98 introduced us to some of the best music of our lives.

    22. You spent many an hour playing Counter Strike, taking head shot after head shot at cyber cafes.

    23. And of course, going on a fruitless quest with this little guy.