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  • 6 Thrilling Mysteries For Summer

    Grab your spyglass and brush up on your Nancy Drew, because these mysteries will keep you sleuthing all summer long. From corrupt charities to government intrigue and facts stranger than fiction, these thrillers will keep you guessing long into the night.

  • 5 Sizzling Romances For Poolside Reading

    From paranormal promises, to beachside get-a-ways and boys next door, these summer romances are sure to keep you sweating. So grab your sunscreen and an ice-cold drink because you won’t be leaving the poolside anytime soon!

  • 8 Best New Reads Of June

    Whether you’re relaxing poolside at home or have your toes in the sand on some tropical beach, these books are the perfect addition. Full of laughs, scandalous romances, and family drama, you cannot-miss these riveting June reads!

  • 10 Debut Novels To Read This Summer

    These summer debuts are sure to take you on an emotional journey filled with family struggles, secrets, abuse, rocky friendships and even a twisted dystopian future. Here are some of our favorite debuts of summer, guaranteed to leave you counting the days until the author’s next release!

  • 5 Must-Read Memoirs Of June

    In need of a summer reading change of pace? Next time you hit the pool, bring one of these memoirs along with you. They’re guaranteed to inspire, as well as make you laugh, cry, and everything in-between. They’ll make the hot summer days go by with a breeze.

  • 6 Binge-Worthy Literary Books of May

    As May flowers begin to bloom, there’s no better time to sit outside with a wonderful book and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. If you’re looking for a book to accompany you this spring, check out these six binge-worthy May releases!

  • 8 Summer Beach Reads For Fans Of Emily Giffin

    It’s no secret that chick lit queen Emily Giffin knows the quick way to our hearts. Luckily for her fans, this summer there are 8 new reading adventures that will satisfy those cravings for butterflies, feels and the wonderful emotions that come with an unforgettable read!

  • 5 Must-Reads For Aspiring Writers In 2017

    Are you an aspiring writer looking for tools of the trade, inspiration, and tips to help improve your craft? These 5 writers use their experiences to share the best tips for exploring your life to find the story you’ve been looking for. These books will have you submitting manuscripts in no time!

  • 8 Best New Reads Of May

    It’s finally that time again: Summer! Whether you’re out of school and ready to lounge on the beach or enjoying a whirlwind weekend getaway, be sure to find some time to immerse yourself in these May must-reads!

  • 5 Women Mystery Writers To Know in 2017

    Don’t we all just love stories that constantly keep us up at night, wondering who or what is lurking behind every corner? If you love cuddling up with a gripping mystery novel, check out these five female mystery writers whose stories you don’t want to miss this year!

  • 5 Books To Help Guide You To Work-Life Balance

    From balancing family life to simply learning how to breathe these self-help books will leave you a happier, healthier person. This year you can learn to be your best self by figuring out your career goals, becoming a parent and much more. Learn from these five books how to create harmony in your life.

  • 5 Historical Fiction Books to Devour this Spring

    There is something special about a book that can instantly transport you to another time and place. These delicious spring reads are full of adventure, mystery and of course, complicated love. Escape your daily routine and find yourself exploring 1920s Boston, 1930s Chicago, 1940s rural Georgia, and everywhere in between, with these addicting new historical fiction novels.

  • 5 Powerful And Timely Memoirs For 2017

    From body shaming to cross-cultural romances, coming to terms with childhood memories and reinventing your life, we are excited for the incredible memoirs publishing in 2017. These five memoirs will leave you in awe of the authors’ ability to pull through the worst of times, and reinvent themselves in the best way possible.

  • 8 Powerful And Compelling Literary Reads For March

    Start spring off right with 8 of the most powerful new literary reads publishing in March. From a compelling and emotional take on sexual assault to falling love at the start of a civil war, each character and unique setting will whisk you away from spring cleaning and transport you into a whole new world. Readers, get ready to see the world from new perspectives and get drawn delightfully in.

  • Top 5 Middle Grade Reads Of March

    The vacation that we’ve all been waiting for since returning to school in January is finally here: spring break! In need of a new read for the occasion? Check out these March middle grade releases that are guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your spring break reading list!

  • 5 YA Must-Reads If You Like A Dangerous Adventure And Twisted Love

    These novels will make you fall in love with their unique and sometimes otherworldly characters and settings. Pairing our two favorite dramatic storylines - dangerous adventures and a complicated love story - these YA must-reads for the spring will transport you to galaxies and dimensions that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams.

  • 5 Issues-Driven YA Books You Must-Read This Winter

    One of the best parts about reading is the ability that books have to put you into an entirely new and unfamiliar situation. These 5 issues-driven YA reads will flawlessly transport you into someone else’s shoes, opening your eyes to realities that you never even knew existed.

  • 5 Delicious Romance Reads For Spring

    As cuffing season comes to a close, the flowers are starting to bloom, and you’re pondering your spring wardrobe, these books are the perfect way to get your romance fix this spring. These books will take you on a journey of love, self discovery and help you appreciate the smaller things in life.

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