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5 Sizzling Romances For Poolside Reading

From paranormal promises, to beachside get-a-ways and boys next door, these summer romances are sure to keep you sweating. So grab your sunscreen and an ice-cold drink because you won't be leaving the poolside anytime soon!

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1. The Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter

This steamy romance follows Cameo, a woman possessed by the demon Misery. In her quest to free herself from her terrible master, she travels to a new world looking for answers. She catches the eye of the strong and powerful ruler, Lazarus, and together the two embark on a journey to free her from her dark bond. As forces mount against them, they must take daring chances or risk loosing each other forever. A sizzling, sexy new read from one of our favorite paranormal authors, this is at the top of our pool reading pile this summer.

2. The Boy Next Door by Ella James

The Boy Next Door is Dash Fraiser - handsome, strong, and secretive. When one summer night with his sister's best friend changes everything, Dash has to decide where his heart lies. Will he run away and forget everything, or will he stay and face his future?

3. Summer Heat by Jay Northcote

Breakups, best friends, and the beach. Summer Heat follows Adam, who is going through a difficult breakup with his longtime boyfriend. He decides to take a beach vacation to take his mind off of everything. But when Adam's best friend Finn, who has long harbored a crush on Adam, decides to come along last-minute, the two must confront their feelings for one another or risk losing their friendship altogether.

4. Shacking Up by Helena Hunting

This hilarious and sizzling romance follows aspiring actress Ruby Scott. Ruby is in a tough spot - she can't pay her rent, can't hold a steady job, and can't find anywhere to live. When she lands a live-in job as pet sitter for a mysterious executive, she thinks she has finally caught a break. Hilarity ensues as she tries to manage not only the exotic pets, but her handsome employer as well. A romance is bound to blossom between the two living in such close quarters, the only question is when!

5. The Summer House by Jenny Hale

Best friends Callie and Olivia have saved up their whole lives for a summer beach house, and they've finally done it. Callie and Olivia get to work restoring the old home, leaving little room for sleep, let alone romance. One day Callie catches the eye of local hot guy Luke, and she can't resist. They connection between the two is undeniable. But when Callie finds a journal containing secrets of the whole town, will her romance with Luke be able to weather the storm, or will it all come crashing down?

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