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6 November Books That Will Inspire You To Travel The World

Feeling the tug of wanderlust? Dazzled by adventures that lie beyond the horizon? Take a trip through the skies and across oceans in these dazzling stories of love, survival, and discovery.

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1. Postcards from the Sky: Adventures of an Aviatrix by Erin Seidemann


Erin Seidemann belongs to a small and elite group. She is a member of the six percent of women in the world who are pilots. It isn’t always easy being such a small segment of a global industry, but her stories soar. In Postcards from the Sky, Erin takes readers on a hilarious and insightful adventure through the aviation industry. From falling in love with her flight instructor to igniting female empowerment, Erin’s journey will put you on cloud 9.

2. Carry-On Baggage: The Story of a Man Who Thought He Travelled Light by Howard Feldman


Howard Feldman appeared to have the perfect life. He had a beautiful family, a closet full of designer labels, and all the envious, surface-level details imaginable. When he is attacked and falls ill, Howard looses his business and his world begins to crumble. In Carry-On Baggage, Howard knows it is time to step back, unpack his bags of personal weight, and return home to South Africa.

3. 438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea by Jonathan Franklin


If you’re still mourning for Wilson and looking for another castaway story, 438 Days will rock you. Captain Salvador Alvarenga embarked on a fishing trip, encountered a deadly storm, and was found on a deserted island barely able to speak or walk. A story of harrowing survival, 438 Days gives a first-hand look into Alvarenga’s amazing tale through exclusive interviews, colleague retellings, and rescuers’ insights.

4. Wild Mama: One Woman's Quest to Live Her Best Life, Escape Traditional Parenthood, and Travel the World by Carrie Visintainer


Carrie Visintainer is 32, a new mother, who after the birth of her child is immediately overwhelmed with feelings of loss—loss of an adventurous life, of travel and exploration. Carrie decides to journey away from her child in search of meaning in her life, but soon realizes motherhood is an adventure all its own. Carrie overcomes her postpartum depression and learns she could live in both worlds in Wild Mama.

5. The Box Wine Sailors: Misadventures of a Broke Young Couple at Sea by Amy McCullough


Two twenty-year-olds madly in love had the courage to do what most of us only dream about. Amy and Jimmie quit their jobs, bought a boat, and set sail. The Box Wine Sailors brings on a wave of emotions. While hanging from the mast avoiding the dark deep sea below and a tiller snapping, Amy and Jimmie discover something extraordinary.

6. The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs by Elaine Sciolino


Elaine Sciolino, a previous Paris bureau chief of The New York Times, wants to give the world an look into her favorite small Paris street. From the owner of a transvestite cabaret to a woman who restores eighteenth-century mercury barometers, she beautifully shares the charm of these longtime residents. The Only Street in Paris includes 25 pictures and details that make you feel you are standing underneath the Eiffel Tower.

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