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17 Ways To Make Your Ikea Furniture Look Less Basic

Oh, this old footstool? It's a priceless souvenir from my last trip to Morocco...

1. Use a faux fur rug to transform this plant stand into an ~expensive~-looking footstool.

*props up feet*

You'll need: A plant stand (Ikea, $12.99), a faux-fur rug (Ikea, $14.99), a hot glue gun (Amazon, $13.99), scissors (Amazon, $7.90 for a set of two), batting (Amazon, $8.27), and a marker.

Get the full instructions from A Joyful Riot here.

2. Add a pop of color to your daybed by making a DIY headboard and never sleep in your queen-sized bed again.

3. Use wood stain and gold nail polish to create a bedside table that you'd be proud to leave your remote control on.

You'll need: A nightstand (Ikea, $14.99), wood stain (Amazon, $16.65), white adhesive vinyl (Amazon, $13.99), gold nail polish (Amazon, $10), cloth, a scalpel, and a cutting mat (Amazon, $10.22).

Get the full instructions from The Lovely Drawer here.

4. Create a chic TV console center by sprucing up your furniture with gold leaf.

5. DIY a farmhouse style table and start loving dinner even more than you already do.

6. Spray paint and brass corners will help you create a dresser and nightstand combo that has plenty of storage...

...and is also easy on the eyes.

You'll need: A drawer chest (Ikea, $54.99), white spray paint (Amazon, $3.95), brass handles (Home Depot, $4.49), and brass corners (Amazon, $8.99).

Get the full instructions from Homey Oh My here.

7. Make a whimsical side table that will add a touch of fun to the boring corners of your living space.

You'll need: A table (Ikea, $49.99), masking tape, fine grit sandpaper (Kmart, $19.99), wood stain (Amazon, $14.29), and gold spray paint ($28.95).

Get the full instructions from Dwell Beautiful here.

8. Take your run-of-the-mill baskets and transform them into works of art by way of thread.

You'll need: Boxes with lids (Ikea, $9.99 for set of three), and embroidery thread (Amazon, $23.19 for a pack of 40).

Get the full instructions from Tell Love and Party here.

9. Use brass strips to make this sideboard look like it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art.

10. Spruce up boring curtains by adding in black tassel fringe trim. The result? You'll actually want to open them in the morning.

11. Create your very own (tiny) bar using this shelf unit —there's no better excuse to *not* go out.

"There's this great new bar that just opened up! Yeah, it's called my apartment." —Me to my friends

You'll need: A shelf unit (Ikea, $34.99), black and brass legs (Estelle 120, $84 for four legs), and alcohol. Duh.

Get the full instructions from The Every Girl here.

12. Host a dinner party with these make-it-yourself fancy schmancy dinner plates.

You'll need: Glass plates (Ikea, $0.99), masking tape (Amazon, $5.84), and spray paint (Amazon, $10.84).

Get the full instructions from Well Made Heart here.

13. Transform a simple shelving unit into the bookcase of your dreams with spray paint. Swoon.

14. Turn your home into ~paradise~ by using bookcases and a countertop to create this kitchen island.

15. Tape and spray paint are the only tools you'll need to transform your organizer from drab to fab.

16. DIY a tray with marble contact paper that'll make whatever meal or drink you're serving look like a million bucks.

17. Turn your dresser into a library catalog look-alike that you'll want to stare at all day.

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