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    37 Things To Help Solve Even The Tiniest Problems

    If my socks slip one more darn time...

    1. An antimicrobial silicone scrubber that will banish the filth lurking in your kitchen sink: mold and mildew, my friends. Unlike the sponge you're currently using to wash off your dinner, this peach-scented option *isn't* a breeding ground for bacteria.

    2. Miracle-Gro food spikes you'll appreciate if you love plants, but a) weren't blessed with the advantage of a green thumb, and b) laziness is your defining feature. These slowly release micronutrients into soil for up to two months, thus allowing your indoor plants to thrive.

    3. Band-Aid bandages because you love your new shoes, your Instagram loves your new shoes, but you know who doesn't love your new shoes? Your feet. Slap on this hydro seal cushion to prevent any blister apocalypses.

    4. No-show socks that won't peek out over the top of your lace-up sneakers. PLUS! These comfy bad boys have a silicone backing on your heel which translates to 👏 no 👏 more 👏 slipping 👏 socks 👏.

    5. A coconut sugar Handmade Heroes lip scrub to prep your pout for bold lipstick. This will give you smooth, moisturized lips free of any flakes — and not the delicious, breakfast cereal kind.

    6. A 3-in-1 Oxo avocado slicer that can pit, spit, and slice avocados like there's no tomorrow. I guess you can say that this time-saving tool truly ~guacs~ at turning your avocado toast breakfast dreams into a reality.

    7. An overflow drain cover for the Lush bath bomb aficionado who has yet to own a luxurious tub. You'll get that clawfoot one day, but for now...this cover will add a whopping four extra inches of h2o to your soak.

    8. An attachable aerator to make your less-than-$10 wine taste like it was sourced from Napa and aged for 10 centuries. "I'm getting some dry notes of expensive," you'll say.

    9. A clear Mavala Switzerland polish purposely designed to have a bitter taste, the kind that will make even the most chronic nail biter think twice before snacking on a finger. Less nail biting = stronger nails, faster growth, healthier cuticles, and a longer-lasting manicure.

    10. Non-slip cushions you can add to the front of your highest, most torturous heels — these magic pads can prevent the ball of your foot from aching mid-way through that fancy event you have to endure AKA you won't be walking barefoot by Venetian hour.

    11. A Feed-N-Wax polish and conditioner guaranteed to have you crying tears of pure joy. This blend of carnauba and beeswax takes your oldest furniture (the kind you've inherited from a grandparent) and makes it look brand 👏 spankin' 👏 new 👏, providing a protective coating while removing every single water mark in sight.

    12. A cold brew maker with an airtight lid and stainless steel filter that will keep your coffee fresh for up to two weeks. "No more paying unreasonably high prices for your favorite cup of Joe," I'll say to my reflection in the mirror, heart jittering as I sip my 15th cup of cold brew for the day.

    13. An Oxo sink strainer that prevents food from falling down (and eventually clogging) your drain. The silicone basket even flips inside out so that you can easily dispose of all the accumulated ramen you ate for dinner.

    14. A honeycomb organizer to prevent your intimates drawer from morphing into a junk drawer. Prepare for Aerie undies that will ~spark joy~ every time you see how neatly folded they are.

    15. Affresh dishwasher cleaning tablets because HOW can you get clean, glistening dishes if the dishwasher itself is *gag* covered in grime? Answer: You can't. These babies are here to help.

    16. A Neutrogena clarifying shampoo because that ten pounds of dry shampoo you used two days ago is still trapped in your roots, but have no fear! This anti-residue wash deep cleans build-up that would otherwise lead to lack of body, excessive grease, and *gulp* stringiness.

    17. A twist-to-dispense click pen for when your best friends/diamonds are beginning to look dull. This formula will wipe away built-up gunk — a result of lotion, soap, etc. — to reveal a brighter, more breathtaking surface.

    18. Pre-cut foil with cotton pads in the middle. Their use? To soak off your gel manicure — the one you've already had for three weeks and is starting to peel/catch in your hair when you shower. You haven't had time to make it to the salon before it closes and that is FINE, because you can just remove it yourself.

    19. Organic wool dryer balls here to save you an elephant ton of money in the long run because you won't have to constantly re-purchase pricy dryer sheets. These hypoallergenic dryer balls (made of 100% wool, FYI) will leave your laundry wrinkle- and static-free, plus they'll make all of your clothes, linens, diapers, etc. feeling softer and fluffier.

    20. A FlexiSnake millipede not meant for the faint of heart. Use this to easily de-clog every drain in your home, but prepare for the horror you'll experience as you dig up about one million pounds of hair and built-up gunk.

    21. Car gap fillers with all of your late-night McDonald's runs in mind. French fries falling between the cracks in your seat? No longer a problem with this genius neoprene invention.

    22. A drying rack that is a must-have for teeny tiny kitchens. This dish drainer can (fruit) roll up when not in use, and can be place on top of your sink when you're in need of some extra countertop real estate.

    23. A vegan Malibu C treatment to prep your 'do for color application: Just leave this on for five minutes to remove color-blocking build-up, ~apply some dye~ within 24 hours, and voila! Your tresses are now a blank canvas that will allow for better color absorption and less fading after leaving the salon.

    24. Cleaning sponges that may have been invented by an actual magician, as these bad boys are absolute pros at sloughing away soap scum and built-up residue. If you're terrified of bathing in your own tub due to unidentified stains, it's time you invested in a Magic Eraser.

    25. A TSA-approved transparent organizer so that you don't have to fish around your suitcase for liquids (and then stuff them in a clear baggy) while going through airport security. As if flying isn't nerve-wracking enough.

    26. An Elizabeth Mott eye primer capable of keeping your wing and smoky eye in tact all day long. That's right, folks! No creasing, smudging, or fallout under the watch of this cruelty-free must-have.

    27. A odor-eliminating candle available in a bunch of delicious scents (we're talking apple cider, fresh cut roses, sun-washed cotton, and more). These soy, dye-free, cotton wick candles are actually effective at ridding your home of all wet dog, kitty litter smells.

    28. An ice cube tray complete with a silicone lid to prevent any water from spilling out, not to mention you'll easily be able to stack things (ice cream, for example) on top of it.

    29. Tend solution because ingrown hairs and razor bumps are truly the pits. Just spread this lotion onto whichever body part you plan on waxing/shaving (and yes, it's safe to use on the bikini area...I know that's the question haunting your pretty little mind) and POOF! All skin irritation and bumps will vanish.

    30. A knife sharpener for knives that can barely cut through bread, let alone a steak. This handy dandy tool has option for both coarse and fine sharpening, as well as a non-slip base that ensures it'll stay put.

    31. A repair kit containing markers and wax sticks, all intended to help you cover up the scratches, scuffs, and discoloration currently being sported by your Ikea furniture.

    32. Bioderma micellar water that tackles both makeup and excess oil in the laziest way possible: with just a few swipes of a cotton pad. Not only will this gentle formula leave your skin feeling refreshed, but it'll *also* prevent excess shine from creeping in mid-afternoon (at about the same time you're in desperate need of caffeine).

    33. A clay bear you can place in (or *on*) everything from brown sugar and baked goods (to soften and maintain moisture) OR to spices and salts (to keep everything dry and crispy).

    34. Cordless shades guaranteed to improve overall happiness and health — with these, there will be no more having to ~bop it twist it pull it~ whilst trying to close your blinds so that you can go back to bed and be undisturbed by sunlight.

    35. A stain and odor cleaner for when your good boy goes through the whole "rebellious teenager" phase and decides to ruin your newly-purchased Ikea rug. This enzyme-based formula can be used on carpet, leather, hardwood, and upholstery — just a sampling of all the places your pet will probably have an accident on.

    36. Hem tape to provide a quick fix for all your ~should've brought these to the tailor~ needs. These allow you shorten pants and skirts, no finger-pricking sewing needles required.

    37. A stainless steel odor absorber that will rid your hands of any pungent scents — because you were supposed to wash the dishes last night, but life happened and now you're stuck doing them in the morning. Just a quick wash with this bar and voilà! Your hands are now odor-free and you won't have the smell of fish lingering around you all day long.

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