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25 "Harry Potter" Products That'll Make Your Credit Card Go Swish And Flick

"EXPELLIARMUS!" —me to my Gringotts savings account.

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1. A toilet-proof passport holder designed to ease travel between public lavatories and The Ministry of Magic.*

*Not actually toilet-proof. Do not intentionally drop your passport into the toilet.

Get it from Amazon for $19.95 (available with three different crests).

2. A polyjuice potion flask known to completely alter your appearance and make you seem ~moody~.

Siriusly! The last time I drank from this, I developed an eye patch and everyone called me "moody." Like, how would you know what I'm like? Ugh.

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

3. A Luna Lovegood shirt you probably saw advertised in The Quibbler. Because who reads Rita Skeeter's garbage?


10. A ruled journal that turns writing tools into magical objects. Why? Your pens will begin to swish and flick.

This terrible pun has been brought to you by the teachings of one Filius Flitwick, the most adorable professor to ever exist.

Get this book from Amazon for $12.79.

11. Magical jewelry known to transform the ears of even the most ordinary muggle. These will secure you a place at Hogwarts.

Well, they will secure your ears a place at Hogwarts. But where they lead, you will follow. You're welcome.

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


12. Sherbet Lemons and Pumpkin juice, the latter of which will not grow back your bones. Unfortunately. / Via @tryuntilyoucant,

"What did you expect? PUMPKIN JUICE?" —the savage Madam Pomfrey.

Get them from The Universal Store for $27.95 (left, for a pack of four) and $12.95 (right).

13. A planter for your mandrake. Now, please put on your earmuffs before you faint and make a fool of yourself.

I'm looking at you, Neville. I don't care if you've Longbottomed.

Get it from Plant Puns on Etsy for $22+.

*This will not actually help you grow mandrakes, but it can help you grow tarragon!

15. Assorted bath bombs for the perfect soak. Even Moaning Myrtle won't be able to disturb you!*

*Moaning Myrtle won't disturb you, but a basilisk might. Please ensure that your bathtub is not connected to any secret chambers before hopping in.

Get them from Bombs Away Beauty Co on Etsy for $9.99+. These bath bombs are inspired by the Sorting Hat, Sirius Black, Butterbeer, and the Golden Snitch.


18. A kindle case that holds words, AKA the most inexhaustible form of magic, within.

19. Running shorts perfect for Quidditch practice during the warmer months. Buckle up and break out your Nimbus 2000, buddy!

Get it from Ardor Attire on Etsy for $22 (available in all four house crests).

*I am kidding: do not wear these during Quidditch practice. Please wear sensible long pants, knee pads, the works.


21. Shot glasses for when you'd like to pre-game in the common room. The Leaky Cauldron gets expensive, okay!?,

Unless you'd like to deposit huge sums of money into my Gringotts account, please don't judge.

Get them on Amazon for $9.90 (left) and $9.98 (right).


24. And a Snape-inspired ring. I'm sorry. I just really need a moment.