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33 Products Under $20 That'll Actually Organize Your Living Space

Spring break those unorganized habits, amirite?

1. A grocery bag dispenser because why would you actually throw out your plastic bags? Blasphemy.


Promising review: "Designed well, holds a lot, looks good, and comes with a 10-year warranty from a company known for their top-notch customer service. What more could you ask for?" —Leah NYC

Get it from Amazon for $12.39.

2. A handle organizer that'll emotionally support your mops and brooms, even when you keep treating them like dirt...cleaners.

Promising review: "I have a small apartment, and the broom closet was always a mess — they would hit me in the face whenever I took the trash out. This saved me so much stress! The slots have little rollers, and they move to fit just about any size mop or broom. There are also little hooks that can drop down if you want to hold towels or the dust pan, which is what I use it for." —Jacqui Nibbelin

Get it from Amazon for $12.87.

3. A bakeware rack designed by the Muffin Man. You know, the one that lives on Drury Lane.

4. An organizer that'll store the $10.99 sunnies you got at Forever 21. Or, you know, the glasses you need to see.

5. An organizer rack for any Peter the-boy-whose-kitchen-is-a-mess Pan.

6. A dual hanger that'll store your closet's worst enemy: the dreaded tank top(s).

7. A clear display designed to hold all your makeup brushes. Also great for when they're (actually) cleaned and need to dry!

Promising review: "If you have a lot of brushes, this is a must-have. It keeps brushes organized and at your fingertips, plus it's the perfect way to dry brushes after cleaning. I love it!" —Debi C.

Get it from Amazon for $19.92. / Also available in pink.

8. A two-tier shelf that'll give you extra space for all the dishes you never wash. It's okay, you're not alone.

Promising review: "I've had this for almost six months now and this shelf has held up nicely. I was looking for a plate shelf because I got tired of always having to pull out the smaller plates or bowls off of the dinner plates — this a good investment towards organization and being able to use wasted space." —Evelyn

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

9. A car organizer for anyone who prefers that their back seat not turn into a dumpster of stuff.

10. A can holder that'll add a pop of organization to your otherwise messy fridge.

11. A cosmetic organizer for anyone who has more makeup than their bank account would like. Sorry, savings.

Did you know that a synonym for Sephora is "broke?" Really.

Promising review: "This set is beautiful, well organized, and convenient! Any girl with a makeup collection who is tired of using a stuffed makeup bag should DEFINITELY purchase this! So worth the money; you won't regret it." —Silvina826

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

12. A shoe organizer that will make you say, "OMG, shoes!"

These shoes rule. These shoes SUCK!

Promising review: "These shelves are AMAZING. I've purchased four of them — I have one for my computer monitors, one for a TV stand, and two for shoes." —B. Wood

Get it from Amazon for $19.56. / Available in three colors.

13. A cord manager for perpetually ~tangled~ headphones. Ones that can't even help you break into a tower.

14. An over-the-cabinet rack that gives a home to the most irritating of kitchen products: lids.

15. A hammock for teddy bears and toys because even they need a mock vacation sometimes.

16. An expandable utensil organizer to keep your spoon away from the dish. The cow will still jump over the moon, though.

17. A hanger that provides a home for your scarves, ties, belts, and anything else that your closet usually vomits up.

18. A jewelry and accessory shelf designed to let you display your favorite pieces without looking cluttered.

19. A chrome holder that will make your towels feel less insecure about the fact that you prefer using Bounty.

20. An adjustable stand for all the aluminum foil and sandwich bags that you tend to pile on top of condiments.

21. A toothbrush and toothpaste holder that'll motivate you to brusha brusha brusha your teeth like Jan in Grease.

22. A cable organizer with "a tight grip that won't let anything slip". Goodbye, crossed wires.

23. An over-the-cabinet organizer that'll keep your (many many many) hair products in some sort of order.

24. A mesh bag with suction cups for anyone who prefers rubber duckies to Lush bath bombs. Understandable.

25. A magnetic strip that'll save your bobby pins and hair clips from being swept up. Or worse, vacuumed.

26. Adjustable dividers created to take the junk out of junk drawers. Hallelujah, amirite?

27. An outlet shelf that gives your devices a place to rest and recharge at the same time.

Promising review: "I have been looking for a small shelf for my bathroom to put my mini speaker on, and this is the BEST! The size is perfect; I love it." —Kimberly MacNeill

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

28. An over-the-cabinet holder designed to keep miscellaneous products out of sight, but not out of mind.

29. A silicone holder that will save your razor from hairy situations. You know, like being stepped on in the shower.

Hey, it happens.

Promising review: "I mean, you have a razor and your shaving cream waiting TOGETHER in the SAME PLACE for your use! This is a great product with great value." —La Mariposa

Get it from Amazon for $9.93.

30. A toilet paper holder for anyone who is sick and tired of depending on their siblings.

31. An organizer that has dedicated its life to providing a home for all of your random little things.

32. A storage rail for anyone who would rather wrestle a shark than reenact that scene from Tarzan.*

*I am not one of those people, but to each their own.

Promising review: "Affordable and durable — I use this to organize my pans, spatulas, and other hanging kitchen items. It's really well-made, provides plenty of space, and is a really good deal." —Elizabeth Bollington

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

33. And finally, a junk drawer that plays dress-up as a storage bin. Truly a genius.