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    49 Cool Fashion Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

    Everything from build-your-own espadrilles to underwire bras that (gasp) don't suck.

    1. All hail the athleisure available for purchase at Girlfriend Collective. In addition to 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, this eco-friendly brand transforms trash (*plastic bottles and fishing nets*) into leggings, sports bras, crew socks, and more.

    2. Mejuri specializes in making fine jewelry accessible. Their handcrafted accessories are direct to consumer, plus each item is listed with a ~traditional retail~ costs to showcase fair pricing. The ring below? Mejuri charges $50 — the traditional retail estimate is $165.


    3. Searching for kitschy designs?! Look no further than Soludos, known for their iconic embroidery that spans from espadrilles (cc the rosé pair featured below) to jumpsuits worthy of their own fan club.

    4. Bras don't have to suck. Sounds blasphemous, but Harper Wilde proves my words to be true. They offer six basic (but fantastic) styles: lightly-lined, strapless, push-up, sports bra, nursing, and an every day bralette.

    5. Allbirds makes sustainable sneakers that are supremely comfortable right outside the box — no break-in period, no painful heel blisters. Their secret sauce is machine-washable merino wool.

    model tying white shoelaces on white sneakers

    6. When you think of a day spent lounging in luxury, think of UpWest: their styles look put-together without compromising comfort. Think wide-leg ribbed sweats and fleece hoodies galore.

    7. When's the last time you updated your underwear drawer? If the answer is "seven years ago," then it's time to check out Parade. They make cozy undies from recycled premium fabrics that'll feel like butter against your skin.

    three models wearing light pink, hot pink, and burgundy underwear

    8. Take a break from your basic black booties and opt for Teleport Shoes instead. They offer funky designs — think lightning bolts and constellations — that are unique but still ~pair~ perfectly with a ton of outfits.

    9. Batoko has basically taken 300,000 plastic bottles (!!!) and transformed it into swimwear. Cute swimwear available in fun prints, to boot.

    10. Salone Monet is revolutionizing the shoe game by redefining what the term "nude" actually means. They offer Italian-made pumps that come in six nude shades, ensuring that everyone can have a solid heel in their wardrobe.

    the strappy heels in different shades of nude

    11. Brazil-based Farm Rio is here to add a splash of ROY G. BIV to your wardrobe with colorful prints and quality materials. Look no further than this print-loving brand to brighten your day.

    12. Femfetti allows you to get into the ~holiday~ spirit by offering kitschy clothing focused on specific times of year. Need a cozy Hocus Pocus sweater? This brand's got you covered with all the cozy pop culture-inspired pieces you want.

    model wearing white sweatshirt with illustrated "Hocus Pocus" characters

    13. Cozy bralettes and glow-in-the-dark undies are the sup du jour at MeUndies. Brace your cheeks for comfort with their premium MicroModal fabric, which is actually three times softer than cotton.

    14. Travel the globe by way of Jet Set Candy! They use quality sterling silver, 14-karat vermeil, or solid gold to create destination-inspired jewelry that will do nothing to quell your wanderlust. Sorry, not sorry.

    model holding up silver necklace pendant labeled "Elláda Greece"

    15. Two words: strawberry dress. Kosovo-born Lirika Matoshi has gone viral for the style featured below, but rest assured that there are *plenty* more iconic outfits —including face masks and a Disney Princess collection — where that came from.

    16. Rochelle Porter Design is a Black-owned fashion brand that focuses on sustainability by using organic and recycled materials. Plus, the travel-inspired prints are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g: we're talking tons of color and bold designs that pay homage to Rochelle's Caribbean roots.

    model wearing the bright floral sports bra and matching leggings in green, blue, and red

    17. Fun prints and "sophisticated sass" await at Never Fully Dressed, a UK-based brand known for their iconic boob tee and lovely satin wrap skirts.

    18. Handmade Barcelona is your one-stop shop for authentic Spanish espadrilles! Psst, they're even offering virtual Airbnb courses where you can learn about the history of espadrilles *and* design a pair yourself.

    model tying blue laces on black espadrille shoe

    19. Browsing the Hanifa online shop is *not* meant for the indecisive: You'll want absolutely everything. From funky asymmetrical sweaters to corset skirts, every piece looks like it would be part of the main exhibit at a fashion museum.

    20. Thinking about investing in a ~timeless~ accessory? Then Daniel Wellington is the place to start your search! These minimalistic watches offer interchangeable straps and are genuinely fantastic quality — the kind that will last and last and last through a million wears.

    model wearing silver and gold watch with white face

    21. The dresses at Rat & Boa are best described by the following emoji: 😍. These slinky slips and patterned minis will basically guarantee your spot as the belle of any ball.

    22. Anthony Lent creates splurge-worthy jewelry you're basically guaranteed to salivate over — we're talking unique, intricate pieces that will feel entirely your own.

    model wearing gold ring with two hands connecting

    23. For dresses and matching sets galore, you'll want to bookmark Sabo Skirt right this second. From casual ~sweatshirt and shorts~ ensembles to fancier 'fits, you're guaranteed to fall in love with about one million things.

    24. Aurate crafts dainty, ethically sourced jewelry sure to become the ~pièce de résistance~ of any outfit in your wardrobe. They also offer personal engraving and home try-ons, where you're sent up to five pieces and have a week to test 'em out.

    model wearing gold earring jacket

    25. Lilly's Kloset is an online boutique that specializes in stylish pieces so trendy, it's basically inevitable that you'll want to take a pic for the 'gram.