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    29 Beauty Products That Smell So Good, You May Be Tempted To Eat Them

    Cue the intense stomach rumbling.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cooling textured mask that looks, smells, and feels like (*le gasp*) 🍦 ICE CREAM 🍦. This mint chip tub, which should be placed in the fridge before use, will cool and refresh your skin as well as a soft serve on a hot summer day can.

    2. A coconut- and coffee-scented Yes To cleansing stick you'll want to add to your morning routine, as this stuff works to ~wake up~ your skin as effectively as a cup of caffeine. This gentle scrub and cleanser efficiently gets rid of all icky impurities, while the coconut, avocado, and meadow foam seed oils work to leave your complexion feeling hydrated and supple.

    3. A coconut-scented, cream-to-powder Physicians Formula butter highlighter capable of giving your skin a luminous, "I drink a ton of water" glow. Sleep? You obviously got a ton of it last night.

    4. A peach-scented SKINFOOD finishing powder formulated with peach extract and calamin powder. Swipe this onto the most oily patches of your face (*stares at t-zone*), and rest assured that you will remain shine-free all day long.

    5. An OGX fade-defying oil that enlists the help of orchid extract (yum) and grape seed oil to give your ends some lightweight hydration while *also* providing protection against the ☀️. Consider this like a sunscreen for your haircare routine. (Psst, if you love the smell of a fresh bouquet, you'll quickly fall in love with this.)

    6. An SPF 25-infused Jack Black lip balm available in six delicious flavors: basil lemon, black tea and blackberry, natural mint, grapefruit and ginger, lemon, and cucumber lime.

    7. A hibiscus- and coconut-scented Shea Moisture cream ideal for thicker hair, as this adds all-day hydration and shine without weighing down your 'do. It even works to tighten and define your curls in the process AKA Shirley Temple ringlets are in 👏 your 👏 future 👏.

    8. A TONYMOLY hydrating sheet mask capable of moisturizing even the most tired of skin, all while invigorating your senses with the scent of lavender — the kind of aroma that could lull you to sleep despite the fact that your upstairs neighbor feels the need to tap dance at 3 A.M.

    9. A Ciaté London watermelon duo packed with a face primer and lip oil, both of which contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, and watermelon extract to deliver non-greasy hydration. A potential con? The watermelon scent is so delicious, you'll be tempted to eat it straight out of the tube (please do not).

    10. A Hask charcoal dry shampoo that is especially great at vacuuming up grease and fooling the world into thinking you just shampooed last night (...if they only knew). Plus, the invigorating citrus scent in this formula will actually make your hair smell freshly-washed.

    11. A coffee-scented Winky Lux palette packed with a mix of matte, satin, and shimmery shadows that pay homage to your favorite caffeinated beverages: we're talking names like cappuccino, americano, and cold brew. I'm swooning right now.

    12. A lightweight TheBalm matte lip color that is a) long-wearing, b) non-drying, and c) infused with a vanilla mint scent And while I'm not saying that this tube of makeup is edible, I can assure you that lip biters around the world are currently jumping for joy.

    13. A SkinFood mask packed with black sugar, strawberry seeds, and strawberry seed oil to exfoliate your skin + turn it into the perfect makeup canvas. It even has an instant brightening effect that'll make it look like you *actually* got your beauty sleep last night.

    14. A paraben-, sulfate-, and phthalate-free Fresh hydrating balm that genuinely smells good enough to eat (#CARAMEL), although you probably shouldn't. Just leave it on your lips. Please stop licking it off.

    15. A Teddie Organics rose water here to hydrate your skin, absorb excess oil, and brighten your complexion — without triggering any unwanted Rosacea. CHA CHING. The smell will also transport you from your dimly-lit office and into a flower shop, one that's filled from top to bottom with fresh roses that have just been picked.

    16. A chocolate-scented Too Faced matte bronzer to give your face some color (even if you haven't seen the sun in days) and SOME CONTOUR. What's that? Chiseled cheekbones worthy of a modeling contract?

    17. A Love Beauty And Planet body lotion that provides a full 24 hours of hydration in four delicious scents: argan oil and lavender, coconut water and mimosa flower, murumuru butter and rose, and shea butter and sandalwood. Now without further ado, prepare to struggle with choosing just one.

    18. A Summer Fridays clarifier packed with pumpkin, apricot seed powder, and soothing oat proteins to give your stressed skin some GLOW. This vegan and cruelty-free mask promises to brighten your complexion while (gently) clearing away trapped gunk. If you want to smell like a PSL, here is your new favorite fall product.

    19. An OGX shampoo that bids adieu to dry, itchy flakes on your scalp. This contains the invigorating scent of peppermint to give you a jolt of energy while adding some much-needed, non-greasy hydration straight to your roots.

    20. A coconut sugar Handmade Heroes lip scrub to prep your pout for bold lipstick. This will give you smooth, moisturized lips free of any flakes — and not the delicious, breakfast cereal kind.

    21. A Freeman sleeping mask that redefines the concept of beauty sleep. Apply a thin layer of this honeydew- and chamomile-scented concoction before bed and BAM! You'll wake up to dewy, moisturized skin free of any dry spots.

    22. A Glossier skin salve perfect for both hydrating your lips *and* hydrating the most irritatingly dry parts of your limbs on-the-go (we're all looking at you, pointy elbows and peeling cuticles). These cruelty-free, hypoallergenic miracle product comes in a variety of delicious scents and tints ranging from birthday cake and berry to mint and coconut.

    23. A Mario Badescu facial spray infused with green tea, cucumber, and peppermint essential oil that can perk up even the most tired skin (goodbye dullness, hello to being enveloped in the heavenly scent of cucumber and peppermint). This formula is also super cooling, making it the perfect post-workout treat for your complexion.

    24. A Sun Bum leave-in spray that enlists the hydrating benefits of coconut and sunflower seed oil to give hair what it needs this right this second: MOISTURE. Not only will this counteract the drying effects of sun and chlorine, but this coconut-scented formula works as a de-tangler to help your brush glide right through each color-treated strand.

    25. A cruelty-free Pacifica face wash made from 100% vegan ingredients: coconut water, sea algae complex, and antioxidants, y'all! Not only will this remove every last trace of makeup, but the scent? Be prepared to transport to a beach vacation the second you begin your nighttime routine.

    26. A Frank Body coffee scrub formulated with coffee grinds, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, and sea salt — all of which work together to help with everything from exfoliation and hydration to calming down acne and fighting scars. The only thing better than this coffee scrub? An actual cup of caffeine.

    27. A Yes To facial scrub to slough away the dead skin cells that have marked your chin as their final resting place. This grapefruit and lemon balm formula will work to exfoliate and brighten your skin without causing any pimple disasters in the process.

    28. A Lano lemonaid treatment with whipped lanolin and lemon oil to naturally exfoliate allllllll the dead skin that has accumulated on your lips, thus revealing a soft and slightly shimmery surface. If you love the fresh scent of lemons, please meet your new soulmate.

    29. A peach- and rose-scented Hask shampoo + conditioner duo to provide tresses with an extra layer of protection, using organic rose oil and peach extract to seal in color while also giving bounce, body, and shine. Want to be cast in a shampoo commercial? This is step one toward that royalty check.

    The flower below serves is symbolic of all the delicious products listed above:

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