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22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Dachshund corn holders, a chalkboard wall decal, high-waisted jeans, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. Corn holders that are the perfect accessories for a doggone good meal.

Promising Review: "These are hilarious — and good quality! They were a Christmas present for a friend and she loved them. Now, I'll just have to invite myself over for corn on the cob." —Pedro B.

Price: $5.48

2. A book written by the princess herself, Carrie Fisher, that every laser-brain should read.

Promising Review: "I read The Princess Diarist today after hearing that Carrie Fisher had died this morning. I knew she was a complex personality, with a wry wit and unusual honesty, but this last memoir of hers really gives an incredible glimpse into her mind and life. It is raw, real and beautiful, as well as funny. I found reading this book to be a wonderful way to celebrate her memory." —C. K. Merrill

Price: $11.96

3. A lotus organizer that turns cotton swabs into a beautiful piece of décor.

Promising Review: "This cotton swab holder is beautiful! It looks just as pretty as the picture and easily fits a good amount of swabs. I was looking for something nice for our bathroom counter that would hold Q-tips without letting them get dusty; this item is perfect!" —Cathee

Price: $8.99

4. Hard candy that fizzes up and tastes like your favorite flavor of the soda fountain.

Who loves orange soda-flavored candy? Kel loves orange soda-flavored candy.

Promising Review: "This is the best soda candy I've ever tasted. It comes in a variety of flavors so you won't get bored, like grape, orange, lemon, ramune, cola, peach, and cream soda. When you put it in your mouth, it starts a reaction in the candy (probably citric acid plus bicarbonate) that causes the candy to very lightly fizz. Really fun, tasty, and good quality." —Ananda Hongsa

Price: $3.98

5. An amber ring that can pass as an expensive family heirloom or a relic that belongs in a museum.

Promising Review: "Pretty, delicate, and looks more expensive than it was. This ring has a nice balance between being delicate and large enough to not look silly on my adult hand, and the band is thick enough that I'm not too worried about it bending or breaking. Definitely worth the price." —Amazon Customer

Price: $23.98

6. A lip liner set that has "pucker up" written all over it.

Promising Review: "These are highly pigmented, long lasting, large-sized lip liners for a terrific price! I am obsessed with the variety of colors in this 12-piece set. As a makeup lover, I have a multitude of lip sticks, glosses, and stains — and it can be expensive to buy individual lip liners to match all those colors. But his set achieves that for the price of two drugstore lip liners!" —Mysti

Price: $8.30

7. Boots that will become a staple in your wardrobe.

And no one will be allowed to borrow them. No one.

Promising Review: "These boots are absolutely fabulous! They are very comfortable, look great, and hold in warmth when I wear thick socks. I like these boots so much that I just ordered another pair in a slightly different style!" —Nicole M. Russell

Price: $20.99

8. A scratch-off map that will show off your wanderlust in a subtle way.

Like scratching off lottery numbers, except you get to scratch off the places you've been.

Promising Review: "I bought this as a gift for someone who's a heavy traveler, and it shipped in a tube that protected the poster. I laid it flat overnight and had it framed. This poster comes with a small screwdriver that serves as a pick to scratch off the gold leaf-covering over the countries. It looks great!" —W. Seaman

Price: $28.99

9. A camera bundle that will encourage you to quit your job and become a professional Instagram traveller.

*not guaranteed but highly likely*

Promising Review: "This was everything I wanted and more! Love the camera and accessories, and the photo quality is unsurpassed for an entry-level camera! Super impressed to say the least. Oh, and for anyone wondering, the battery IS included!" —Brianna

Price: $469.95

10. A chalkboard wall decal that lets you do fancy things, like write down the dinner menu.

Promising Review: "This chalkboard contact paper is perfect; I stuck it to my refrigerator. This sticks very nicely and its easy to peel off, too!" —J Webb

Price: $6.98

11. Ravenclaw sweatpants that let you stick it to the man. And by man, I mean the Gryffindors, Slytherins, and Hufflepuffs.

Promising Review: "Best. Pants. Ever. This light, jersey material means I can wear these pants year-round in the blistering desert heat and not die. The Ravenclaw pride is subtle enough for nerds to flip over, but the late-night Wally World grocery shoppers think it's just another college sports team. Perfect cultural infiltration." —I Buy Online...

Price: $24.99

12. A mirrored tray that turns countertop clutter into an organized space seemingly designed by an interior decorator.

When, in fact, an interior decorator has never even set foot in your bathroom.

Promising Review: "This tray is gorgeous! So much more than I expected, and I could not be happier. It was very well-packed, arrived right on time, and is one of my favorite purchases!" —M C

Price: $39.50

13. An eye shadow palette with matte shades that you'll love a latte. You'll use it every day, guaranteed.

Promising Review: "Highly-saturated shadows. This palette is comparable to Nars, but not nearly as pricey. Do yourself a favor and grab this palette; matte shadow will always be needed, especially in this particular set of neutrals." —Mistress Fontaine

Price: $28

14. A face mist that will give your makeup a dewy look.

Promising Review: "The best moisturizing mist you'll ever try; I first got this from Sephora, but they're out of stock and rarely carry it. I get the pink bunny spray, which is a moist mist that gives me a dewy look, and I use it with a matte setting foundation." —Lisa Gardner (DEE)

Price: $9.88

15. An LED projector that turns your Pinterest dreams of having a home theater into reality.

BYOP: Bring Your Own Popcorn.

Promising Review: "I spent hours looking on the internet looking for the best and cheapest projector, and I have to say this projector is awesome! The manual focus works great and allows you to always have the perfect picture, and there's a 3.5 mm jack which I used to connect my surround sound system. This projector gives you settings such as color, brightness, sharpen, and more!" —Kendall Birdsong

Price: $99.99

16. A grooming brush that reduces shedding and gives you an excuse to smother your pet with more attention.

"Come here Lucky, it's been about ten minutes since I brushed you!!"

Promising Review: "Where has this been all my life? I have had slicker brushes before and honestly kind of hated having to clean the brush out after. But with this one, the hair comes out with the push of a button. Amazing! I don't usually love brushing the dogs, but I've done it more because it's been so easy. With shedding season here, this brush is saving my floors!" —Osu.Girl

Price: $15.99

17. A board game that deems it appropriate to yell out the answer without raising your hand first.

...and behave like, well, a smart ass.

Promising Review: "Smart A-- has a box of cards and each card has ten clues on it that go from very vague to very specific. As the reader reads the clues, everyone else tries to guess the word being described. Don't jump the gun though, because you only get ONE guess! A clue may start out as 'a place in the northern hemisphere' and get down to 'an island near San Francisco,' with all the clues in between helping to describe the word." —Rasheed

Price: $17.44

18. An overflow cover that will make bath fanatics channel their inner Rihanna and ask, "where have you been all my life?"

*and the beat drops*

Promising Review: "I'm really glad I bought this. You simply place it over your bathtub overflow drain, and it allows you to fill your tub almost to the top. This basically allows you to fill your tub an additional four inches or so. Love it!" —Blake J. Mouch

Price: $9.68

19. High-waisted jeans that'll flatter the shitake mushrooms out of your figure.

Promising Review: "I bought these jeans feeling nervous, since I usually like to try on jeans before buying them. But I had a gift card and bought these babies — and they are SO WORTH IT. They're super comfortable and I'm definitely buying more pairs because they're a staple in my wardrobe. They don't make your butt look saggy or give you a front wedgie (this is a fact of life, front wedgies happen). BUY THEM. You will not regret it. (And buy a size up. Usually I'm smaller — like a two or three — but a size five fit perfectly.)" —Amazon Customer

Price: $34.07—$59.99

20. A honey pot that you should hide from Winnie the Pooh...because it's the bees knees.

...or you could give this to someone and be like, "a honey pot for my honey." Heh.

Promising Review: "This is the CUTEST honey pot I have ever seen — it's the perfect size. I usually put the pot in a microwave for a minute before use (yes, it is microwavable), and the honey comes out so easily. Very satisfied!" —MM

Price: $39.95

21. A vitamin C serum that'll make your skin glow without any greasy residue.

Promising Review: "I was skeptical about trying a Vitamin C serum for the first time, but I must say, I love the way this serum feels on my skin. It absorbs easily after applying it and leaves my skin feeling replenished. Definitely worth the try!" —Haylee hey.hey

Price: $9.95

22. Ratatouille on DVD for anyone who is intimidated by cooking, but needs to overcome that fear.

Because, as evident in Ratatouille, anyone can cook. Yourself included.

Promising Review: "Every scene of this animation is a masterpiece; I can watch it over and over again without ever getting tired of it." —Bruce K

Price: $14.40

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