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19 Awesome Products From Amazon To Add To Your Wishlist

Yodeling pickles, an indestructible phone charger, Pokemon gym badges, and 16 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. Lip glosses that are so cute, even re-applying seems like fun.

Promising Review: "These are adorable. The colors are pretty, and each bunny has a different, inscrutable expression on its little bunny face. The colors seem kind of bright, but of course they are just lip glosses so they're pretty subtle once you put them on. The gloss feels smooth and moist on my lips and not sticky. Like most lip glosses, it doesn't last very long—but that's ok, because every time I pull a little bunny out of my bag to re-apply, it makes me smile." —Jess E

Price: $25.81

2. Photo clip string lights that will let your Pinterest aesthetic dreams become reality.

Promising Review: "I'm moving up north for college soon, which means I'll have a whole six states between me and my family. With that kind of mileage, I knew I was going to be getting homesick. So when it came time to shop for my dorm, I headed straight for something I could use to hang up photos—and I'm so glad that I did! The lighting makes the photos look beautiful, and there are enough clips to make it into a really unique and colorful decoration for my room!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $16.99

3. A SipCaddy that keeps you from spilling your wine while bathing. (Although would that be so bad? Hmm..)

Promising Review: "I bought several of these, one for myself and several others as gifts and people absolutely love it. This holds La Croix, wine glasses, beer cans, pretty much everything. This is the one thing with a suction cup in the shower that has not slipped off the wall at some point. Pro Tip: Put a little bit of water on the suction cup before you stick it to the wall because it will help it adhere and not slip." —Savannah Banana

Price: $13.95

4. An affordable accent side table that is great for the poor souls who have yet to win the lottery.

Promising Review: "I absolutely LOVE this side table. It looks incredible in my room, and even better stacked with all my books. I put this against my couch, and it is the perfect height. I live in a studio apartment and I also use this as a nightstand. It took 20 minutes to put together and looks expensive!" —Melanie Albert

Price: $57.28

5. A key chain phone charger with an "I won't break on you" guarantee. That's right, no more broken chargers.

Promising Review: "Overall, I really like this product so far. It is small, compact, and seems to be built well. I've always bought the cables from Apple and they all seemed to fray eventually near the connector. But this one is metal and I hope it lasts a lot longer (it comes with a 'lifetime' warranty). It is a bit short, but I guess that is what makes it so compact." —florida1

Price: $24.95

6. A set of15 sheet masks that smell delicious and will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Promising Review: "I love these face masks! They are extremely nourishing for my sensitive skin, and smell wonderful. The fragrance is not strong, and the texture of the mask is silky and smooth — the masks are not sticky at all. I also love the variety that comes in this package. My boyfriend loves using them with me, too!" —Amy

Price: $15

7. Coasters that spell out how you feel about the world 99% of the time.

Promising Review: "Quite funny — had my Thanksgiving company busting with laughs. We can only put them out for the people we know won't get offended, but for the price and the amount you get, I think these coasters are one step above the reused bar coasters I see at other people's houses." —Nicole C.

Price: $8

8. A book by Lauren Graham for Gilmore Girls fanatics who are *praaaying* for another revival.

Promising Review: "I got this yesterday and finished it last night. Reading this must be what it's like to have a highly caffeinated Lauren Graham sitting next to you telling stories about her life. I loved the behind-the-scenes look at Gilmore Girls projects and the whole book was a delight. I honestly don't remember the last time I sat down and read an entire book in less than a day. Oh, and Lauren, what you said about the ending, thinking it was more of a cliffhanger — I KNOW!" —Sharon Wren

Price: $16.66

9. A facial moisturizer that is perfect for skin that needs a whole lot of TLC.

Promising Review: "If you're in the market for a face cream for dry or sensitive skin, then this is for you! I have hit my thirties this year and my face was in need of some extra TLC. I've always had dry skin, but Clean & Clear usually does the trick. However, I started noticing that after I applied the lotion, my skin would still have dry patches. I researched for the best inexpensive face creams and this is what I ended up with; and I could kick myself for waiting so long. I've been using this face cream for about two weeks now and I haven't had any dry patches and my makeup looks flawless! You can also use this as body cream and it works wonders on my dry hands. Also, there's a TON of organic ingredients in it." —Jenn

Price: $19.49

10. A yodeling pickle that just signed a record deal with Weird Al. Unfortunately, it does use auto-tune. /

Promising Review: "It seems every half-talented vegetable or fruit thinks they can get ahead in the industry just by throwing auto-tune on everything. One day they're singing standards in an after-hours farmer's market. Next thing you know, some producer puts 'em in a studio, changes everything with some electronic wizardry, stuffs 'em in a bikini, and bam! They get on American Farmstand. I've had enough. Give me fruits and vegetables that can actually sing without help. And while we're at it, give me a produce basket that can actually play instruments. I mean, it's good to see bands like Mango & Sons and Fleet Figs come out there with some chops. But they're still in the minority. You still got these no-talent young sprouts, getting all high on Monsanto, chasing down cheap thrills in salad spinners, and they're destroying the produce music industry. I don't know about you, but I'm voting with my wallet, and my weed eater." —Paul Pearson

Price: $11.70

11. A compression sports bra that will help keep the sisters in place.

Promising Review: "I've been training for my first marathon and as the miles increased, so did the impact on my chest. I'm about 5'2, 135 pounds, and wear a 34DDD. This is by far the best bra I've ever purchased. It initially fit a little tight, but after washing it and hanging it to dry, it's perfect. This bra is tight enough to minimize the up and down bounce but not too tight where it digs into the top of your shoulders. Another bonus is that other sports bras were chafing my under arms, but that doesn't happen with this bra. I plan on buying more in different colors." —Amazon Customer

Price: $22

12. A sloth Christmas sweater that is not ugly, okay?!

Promising Review: "Wore this to my job interview and got hired. Thank you." —Daniel Kerley

Price: $29.99

13. A hanging Christmas tree for those who don't have space for a six-foot conifer, but still want some cheer.

Promising Review: "Very easy to hang! Good for people who have little space, pets or small children. Comes with bows and balls prearranged on the tree." —Oscar Farias-Ayala

Price: $33.94

14. An engraved rolling pin that will help you whip up some ~purrrrfectly~ adorable treats.

Promising Review: "I bought this for my mother-in-law who is a cat lover and she almost fainted when I gave it to her. This product is amazing. It's beautifully crafted and works perfectly with the sugar cookie recipe that came with it. The owner is so lovely to work with and definitely puts the needs of the customer first — I was so excited to learn that they can do custom rolling pins of almost any design you desire. I will definitely order more as a gift! My daughter loves turtles, so maybe that will be my next purchase!!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $24.99

15. A Hamilton CD for those who are still saving up to see the actual show. *puts 986 quarters in piggy bank*

Promising Review: "I never write reviews, but Hamilton is so spectacular that I had to. I've been immersed in American musical theater my entire life and work in it full-time now. This is the only other cast recording that completely mesmerized me without having seen the stage production. I would give it one million stars, if possible. Listen to this. It will change your life." —Honneebun

Price: $18.99

16. A Project Runway workbook that will bring out your inner fashion designer. Even if it's buried pretty deep.

Promising Review: "I bought this as a gift for my 11-year-old granddaughter's birthday and she started working on it before she even unwrapped her other gifts. It continues to be a big hit." —Amazon Customer

Price: $10.89

17. A hooded sweatshirt that comes in a bunch of vibrant colors and cool designs.

Promising Review: "I can't rave enough about this hoodie. I ordered it for my daughter and she's worn it just about every day! I've washed it several times and the color is still vibrant, plus I love the feel of the material. Great product!" —Amanda P

Price: $29.99

18. Pokémon gym badges for people who were jealous of Ash throughout their entire adolescense.

Promising Review: "These were purchased as a gift for my Pokemon-loving girlfriend, and she adores them. They come in an attractive little box, which she now uses for storing random odds and ends. The pins themselves are high quality, enameled, with no visible damage or defects, plus the backings are quite strong. She attached all the badges to the straps of her backpack, and I'm not worried at all about the pins falling off." —Timothy Brown

Price: $13.99

19. The Dragon Ball season 1 DVD that your inner child will want to watch over and over again.

Promising Review: "If you grew up on Dragon Ball like I did, than you can't beat this box set. The cost was great and I love the artwork on the box, plus I have found zero issues with the format or the sound quality. I am very picky about my DVDs and this box set has more than proven to be worth its value. I WILL be buying the rest of them soon." —Remmick

Price: $17.99

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