People Are Sharing How Much Money They Actually Make, And They're Super Eye-Opening

Shocked by a lot of these.

Recently, I wrote two posts about people sharing their job titles and exact salaries. I love the transparency of it all, and so did our BuzzFeed Community. Commenters came through and shared their own jobs and salaries.

Catherine Mcqueen / Getty Images's what they said:

1. Verizon Store worker:

"I work for an authorized retailer for Verizon and i make around $40,000/year."


2. Donor database worker:

"I work on the donor database for a large, regional, hunger-relief nonprofit. I pull in $44,500/year, and they took away bonuses for non-exempt employees."


3. Auto and homeowners insurance sales:


"In Colorado, I make $56,000/year. Almost 3 yrs experience, no degree. Potential bonus up to 12% (usually ends up around 8%)."


Marko Geber / Getty Images

4. SSDI:

"I am not able to work, and I’m on Supplemental Secondary Income (SSDI) (disability), and I make $14,000/year. I frequently have to make the choice of eating or being able to afford my prescription medication."


5. Teachers aide at an elementary school:

"I make about $20,000. Prior to that, I worked at a locally owned vet hospital for 8 years and made about $18,000, including overtime with no benefits."



6. Restaurant general manager:

"In Michigan, I make about $60,000 with benefits."


7. Senior product design director:

"I'm in the Seattle area, and my annual salary is $282,000/year."


8. Accountant:

"I am an entry level accountant with no experience but, I graduated with degrees in accounting and finance. I make a little over $60,000, not including overtime."


Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

9. High school art teacher:


"I'm in an expensive northern state. I make just shy of $60,000/year before taxes. I have to work two after school teaching jobs (they pay $30 an hour) in order to pay my bills."


Marko Geber / Getty Images

10. Welding engineer:

"I'm in Detroit. Starting salary was $65,000. Eight years later, I'm at $100,000/year."


11. Car salesperson:

"I made $170,000 in 2021 as a car salesperson."


Zero Creatives / Getty Images/Image Source


12. Law firm partner:

"I have been practicing law for 10 years. I earn about $800,000/year, plus bonuses and incentives. We have excellent health and dental coverage, and I get roughly 3-4 weeks of vacation. Of course, I work long hours (read: rarely any weekends are free) and am expected to bill at least 60 hours a week."


13. Civil engineer:

"I'm a civil engineer living in a relatively low-cost (for everything except housing) part of the US. I've got 7 years experience and a Master's, and without bonuses or OT, I get $85,000/year. Bonuses typically add another $3,000-$5,000, sometimes more. OT is typically not much extra, since I rarely work OT, usually only 16-24 extra hours per year for emergencies and such."


14. General manager at Panda Express:

"I made $106,000 this year. Panda Express has amazing benefits, including insurance, 401k, scholarships, free meals, etc. Panda Express has a bonus structure that allows their GMs to make amazing money."



Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

15. Sighted teacher:

"I’m a sighted teacher, teaching blind adults technology. I've been there 19 years and make $19/hour. Have benefits and retirement, not long until retirement."


16. Exotic dancer:

"I’m an exotic dancer in a West Virginia town. I average $300 on a 8-hour shift, 3 days a week, and make anywhere from $43,500-$55,000/year."


17. Chief engineer on a container ship:

"I make $250,000 for about six months of work. The six months of work is 7 days a week/24 hours a day on call, on a ship, at sea or in port."



So, now it's your turn (if you feel comfortable)! Let me know in the comments below what your job title is and how much money you make.

Responses edited for length/clarity.

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