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17 Teens Who Are Funnier Than You

Bless these teens.

1. This teen who found the perfect loophole:

Twitter: @alexschwarz_1

2. This teen who totally won the breakup:

Twitter: @gabidunn99

3. This teen who had the best student ID photo ever:

Twitter: @junekyraaa

4. This teen who took dancing to a whole new level:


5. The teen who got pulled over while done up in Shrek makeup:

Twitter: @_haybayy

6. The teen T-Rex who won the crown:

Twitter: @sarahmac2859

7. This teen who worked smarter, not harder, to solve their hunger:

Twitter: @decentbirthday

8. This teen who was a little TOO dedicated to their costume.

Twitter: @mollylee31


9. This teen who educated their teacher about modern slang:

RGNrok / Via

10. This teen who got into a bit of a situation:

Twitter: @rosesvts

(Don't worry, they eventually got the hammer out.)

11. This teen who played the long game with a prank:

Twitter: @dark_decay
Twitter: @dark_decay


12. This teen who took the best date to prom:

Twitter: @prizxillas

13. This teen who realized that style doesn't have to be expensive:

Twitter: @katierosebrook

14. This teen who put out a brilliant makeup tutorial:

15. This teen who brought their teacher a cake to apologize for frequently being late to class.

Twitter: @jennyhudak

16. This teen who made sure to ask someone they knew would say yes:

Twitter: @joe_larue6

17. And this teen who was totally extra about their senior photos.


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