33 Products That'll Save The Day When All Others Failed

Consider those problems you thought no product could solve officially solved.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A screen cleaner kit that'll finally erase any trace of the smudges your toddler left behind while trying to make contact with Peppa Pig through the screen.

The set includes the spray and an extra-large, scratch-free microfiber cloth. The formula has no alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates and will gently clean HDTVs, PC monitors, Kindle Fire, tablet, laptops, smartphones, Apple Mac products, iPhones, and more!

Promising review: "A miracle! I've been looking for this product all my life! I have a nice 42-inch smart TV that I hate cleaning. Every product I used left streaks everywhere so I'd use more and rub and rub... Make sure your screen is cool and spray an ample amount on the cloth provided and smear it everywhere. Then flip the cloth and rub it off. I think this is truly one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern history. They give you a huge can of this stuff and a quality cloth." —Paul Wedero

Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

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2. A carpet stain remover for lifting those scary stains that make you question if it's time to bring in the professionals. With this around you can get the job done yourself. And the best part? No rinsing or vacuuming required!

Promising review: "YOU NEED THIS IF YOU HAVE KIDS OR PETS! I am convinced this stuff is magic in a bottle! If I can get up an ENTIRE bottle of ketchup that was rubbed in the carpet, you can get out anything!" —Ashley T.

Get it from Amazon for $12.73.

3. An easy-to-use collagen-coating hair mask to fight frizz and make it look like your hair hasn't undergone years of abuse at the hands of bleach and blow-dryers.

Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I have 4c hair and was looking for a protein treatment for my thin and fragile hair. I had recently used a product in my hair that had so much alcohol in it; it wreaked havoc on my hair, leaving it pretty damaged. I was very skeptical about this product because I have never seen anyone with my hair type use it. Boy, was I wrong to doubt this product, it left my hair looking and feeling beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone natural or with curly hair." —Therese-Claire

Read our Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment review to learn more about why my colleague calls it, "the miracle product I've been searching for."

Get it from Amazon for 6.99.

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4. A pack of AirPod-cleaning putty so you can finally excavate all the gross gunk living in your earbuds and get back to clearly hearing every 👏 last 👏 detail 👏 of your fave true crime podcast.

Promising review: "I never usually write reviews but this is an exception. I've had my AirPods for over a year and when the sound quality was diminishing, I was afraid they had a short life expectancy and I would need to get a new pair! Even after using cotton buds to clean the AirPods out, I thought that was enough until my friend said there's stuff built up that's hard to see, but there was nothing able to get it out! Enter this product — it literally took five mins to clean each earbud effectively, and instantly the sound quality was as good as new! Loud, clear, less trouble connecting to my phone, etc. I really suggest giving this product a try. SO happy I found a solution!" —Amazon Customer 

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $11.99.


5. A bestselling mesh bra if you're a member of the itty-bitty titty committee who's tired of not being able to find a comfortable yet supportive bra that doesn't have a ton of padding or gapping cups.


Pepper was launched in 2017 by two women who wanted to fill in the (literal) gaps present in the lingerie industry, working against the notion that if you're skinny, you must have small boobs, and if you're larger you must have big boobs.

My colleague Allison Jiang says this bra lives up to the hype. In her own words:

"This bra solved just about every issue I had with bras in the past, like cup gapping, slipping straps, and scratchy underwire. The straps are thin but somehow so comfy and durable. They have not slipped down my shoulders, even once. Not once! And I never have to do that thing where I have to adjust the band in the front, because it stays put all day without pressing into my skin uncomfortably."

To hear from more BuzzFeed Pepper fans check out our full Pepper bra review.

Get it from Pepper for $50 (available in band sizes 30–40, cup sizes AA–B, and in five colors).

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6. An immunity-boosting allergy supplement because your doggo deserves relief from all that itching and itching. These soft chews not only help with skin sensitivity, but also deliver a dose of probiotics and other nutrients to help support immune function, digestion, and promote healthy skin.,

Promising review: "Absolutely the best product. It saved my itchy goldendoodle! We tried changing food, Benadryl, medicated shampoo, fish oil, everything you can imagine...nothing worked long-term. He was itching his face so badly he would make himself bleed. Had sores and scabs all over his face and neck. I bought these because they had good reviews and I was desperate. It changed his life! He no longer scratches AT ALL! His coat looks great and all of his sores are healed. He’s the happiest he’s been which makes me a very happy momma. He is also very picky and never eats treats...he eats these every time, so that’s an added bonus!" —Darcie Nation

Get them from Amazon for $26.97+ (available in two sizes).

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7. A double-sided hairbrush-cleaning brush that'll do a better cleanup job than your fingers ever could, with a pointed end for picking out tangles and stiff bristles to remove all that built-up hair, dust, and fluff.

Promising review: "This is the tool I never knew I needed. It may seem like a silly thing to spend money on when you can clean your brush out by hand but this gets so much more out of the brush! It's easy and rather enjoyable. Who wants to brush their nice clean hair with a brush full of dirty, oily hair and dust. When you really think about it makes you want to throw out all your old brushes. I will be buying these as gifts for all my girlfriends." —emmaline

Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

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8. A tub of rejuvenating eye cream for visibly tightening, brightening, and lifting those tired eyes and making it look like you actually got enough sleep and didn't stay up late rewatching The Office...again.,

Promising review: "I never ever write reviews. I have tried every eye cream out there. Not one does what is says. This was immediate! I saw softening of my wrinkles and crows feet. It’s amazing. I will be buying this again and again." —melisa delaney

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three sizes).

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9. A pet stain and odor eliminator to pull off the ultimate magic trick and eliminate new and old stains (and stank) on any surface with just a quick spritz and a rinse.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. is a family-owned small biz creating top-notch treats, toys, cleaning solutions, grooming supplies, and more for pets and their humans. The company is named after the founders' family pets — a Labradoodle named Rocco and a tabby cat named Roxie.

Promising review: "We are an unofficial rescue home for dogs and cats. The latest dog came from Peru. She is an 8-year-old Chihuahua, and she was not house trained. So during the transition period from untrained to at least my being trained to understanding her sign language, we have had our share of accidents. We also had some leftover stains from previous dogs in spite of our efforts with other cleaners. New or old urine, this cleaner is phenomenal. The stains sometimes disappear right in front of you. I have to mark the spot I am cleaning so I know where to go back to in order to apply the clean rag or towel to absorb any residual liquid. Don't know how many products we have tried. This is the very first one that deserved a 5-star review. So I just ordered the gallon bottle and will put it on Subscribe & Save as well. I highly recommend it. Obviously." —Gkayemarie

Get it from Amazon for $19.97+ (available in two sizes).

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10. A lemon-scented cleaning gel if spending hours wiping out keyboards, air conditioning vents, and car cupholders is not your idea of a good time. Just plop this gooey godsend on whatever needs cleaning and watch as it oh-so-satisfyingly lifts dirt and dust in a snap., Amazon

Promising review: "I purchased this product to clean those little spaces in my car filled with random crumbs from my husband and dog hair and it works amazing. Picked up everything and didn’t leave a residue. The lemon scent was faint and didn’t overpower the vehicle while I was cleaning it. But this definitely got in all the little nooks and crannies." —Kimberly

Get it from Amazon for $5.94.

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11. A pack of DressWeights because your outfit keeps losing battles with the wind, resulting in one too many accidental flashings. Adhere these heroic little weights to the inner hem of a dress or skirt and walk through the windiest of days with confidence!

Dress Strong / Etsy

Dress Strong is a New York-based Etsy shop run by Christina where she sells the holy grail product — the DressWeights.

The adhesive is strong but removable, so they can be used again and again!

Promising review: "Today was wildly windy, so I decided to try out the dress weights, and they worked great! My skirt didn’t blow around much at all when I was outside; it stayed where it was supposed to." —Abry Hookie 

Get a set of four from Dress Strong on Etsy for $15 (available in multipacks).

12. A pack of Miracle-Gro plant food spikes that'll help revive those stubbornly droopy houseplants without you needing to tend to them constantly. One fertilizer spike continuously feeds plants with nutrients they need to thrive for up to two months!

Promising review: "My mother has always used the Miracle-Gro plant food spikes, so I grew up familiar with them. Of all the products out there, these are the easiest to use and have never burned my plants. It works like a charm for plants that are droopy and out of sorts!" —BlueFug8

Get a 24-pack from Amazon for $2.79.

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13. The ever-reliable O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for anyone whose dry, cracked hands need something a little stronger than the average moisturizer. This famous formula locks in moisture, while creating a protective barrier to prevent future moisture loss.

For best results, you should apply the cream after washing your hands, after showering, and at bedtime.

Promising review: "Every winter, my fingers and knuckles crack and bleed. I've tried everything on the market to heal my hands. I received this hand cream yesterday, and when I put it on, I could tell right away that this was better than anything I'd tried. This stuff started working immediately. I filled all the cuts and cracks on my hands with this cream, and today they are almost healed. I believe that this is the best hand cream ever made on earth." —Steve

Get it from Amazon for $6.78


14. A hecka durable duck chew toy to provide your adorable-but-destructive good doggo with a toy they can't shred to pieces just five minutes after receiving it. R.I.P to all the toys that came before.

AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Editor AnaMaria Glavan got this for her own dog and was amazed at how durable it is:

"My French Bulldog is extremely spoiled and gets new toys all the damn time — my sister will, I’m not kidding, raid the rows of TJ Maxx once a week for a new seasonally appropriate squeaker. There’s currently a mangled pastel purple bunny sitting in the garbage because, yep, he chewed right through it in a day… which brings me to my point! Chew toys can cost anywhere from $10 to $14 a pop and last maybe three days with minimal play. My dog sleeps for 18 hours in a 24-hour cycle so it mystifies me that he manages to go through them so quickly. But a few months ago, I found this very plain yellow duck toy on Amazon that had over 14,000 reviews with buyers claiming it could take a lot of wear and tear. I thought, my doggo deserves the best so let’s try it out.

Folks! This duck is woven with Valyrian steel! I literally purchased this on Nov. 24, 2020 (and I’m writing this it is March 25, 2021) and it’s STILL GOING STRONG. It has not torn, ripped, there is no toy entrail fluff scattered throughout our living room.. nada. It’s still perfectly intact and Rockie generally prefers this toy over any other one in his ever-changing arsenal. It’s also perfect for his medium frame but I can see it being equally as ideal for smaller dogs because it’s lightweight, despite being on the larger side. My dog is also strange in that he prefers sleeping on this random blanket in the corner than in his bed and sometimes he’ll drag the duck with him and lay next to it and I eyes fill with tears when I think about how adorable that is.

The best part is that the toy costs less than $10. Considering the quality, you’d expect it to cost *way* more considering that I haven’t had to replace it in the four months of me owning it. And again, I want to stress — my dog typically shreds through toys in less than a week, so to have one last 15x longer?! It’s pretty sweet. I also want to point out that the squeaker isn't obnoxiously loud which is pure bliss."

Get it from Amazon for $4.23.

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15. A TikTok-famous pink cleaning paste so you can finally tackle all those annoying scuffs and stains other cleaners couldn't handle without abrasive scrubbing, which sometimes causes more harm than good to the surfaces underneath.

It's made up of cleaning beads suspended in a gel, so it'll grind away at tough stains without damaging the surface beneath. It's suitable for use on most hard surfaces like ceramic tiles, barbecues, pots, pans, and more!

Promising review: "I used this product for my stove because it's one thing I dislike cleaning. I have used multiple degreaser sprays and they all are so toxic and don't work for me. The Magic Eraser was OK but I used several at a time and I had to scrub so hard. But this product oh my goodness, legit a miracle. It doesn't have any type of smell. I put the paste on a cloth, clean the area, then wipe it off with a damp cloth and voilà, magic!" —May

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

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16. A Fohm dispenser if you're tired of "flushable" wipes wreaking havoc on your septic tank. This transforms any standard piece of toilet paper into a cleansing wet wipe for a more *booty-ful* clean that won't clog your toilet!


Fohm is a small biz launched in 2019 by a husband-and-wife duo that, after traveling the world together, realized they didn't have to choose between dry TP or "flushable" wipes that are bad for the planet and your pipes. And thus, their one-of-a-kind touchless system was born!

Once you have the starter Bathroom Kit, you'll just need to buy foam refills, which you can automatically have sent to your door every 6 or 10 months.

My roommates and I have been living the Fohm life for the last year and couldn't be happier with it! You get all the benefits of a wet wipe without the microplastics, plumbing damage, and waste! And you actually end up using less toilet paper than you would without it! Plus, it holds a charge foorreevvveerrr so you don't have to fear getting trapped on your porcelain throne without your foam!

Get a dispenser and a bottle of cleanser from Fohm for $69 (available in larger quantities).

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17. A champagne stopper because regular bottle stoppers won't keep your bubbly bubbly like this one, and you should be able to enjoy a glass (or two) without committing to the whole bottle!

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed, Amazon

You can even mark the date you opened it on the top of the stopper!

BuzzFeed editor Maitland Quitmeyer has firsthand experience saving her bubbly. In her own words:

"I love bubbles — champs, cava, prosecco, sparkling rosé — they just know how to bring the party! But no one likes when sparkling wine goes flat, or you feel like you can't just have one or two glasses without ruining the whole bottle. So I went on Amazon and found the best champagne stopper I could find and immediately hit 'add to cart.' What a great purchase! This little bb is so easy to use — just pop it on top of the bottle, push the metal sides in so it clamps on, then push the top button several times to vacuum seal and preserve the bubs. Then when you next want a glass, spritz, or mimosa, you'll hear that same *POP* you heard when first taking out the cork — and the effervescence you so crave will be fully intact. Plus, you can confidently store your leftover bottle on its side in your fridge; I've had zero leakage problems with this thus far!"

Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

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18. A powerful mold and mildew stain cleaner that'll lift the most daunting grout and caulking stains without the backbreaking scrubbing. Just apply the concentrated gel formula, wait six to eight hours, and wipe it off to reveal the pearly white grout you never thought you'd see again.

Promising review: "I only write reviews when I’m thoroughly satisfied with a product or really irritated. With this product, I’m very happy! I applied it this morning and by noon you could see the difference. The caulking around the tub is so white just like I just resealed it. I’ve tried other bleaching products like Kaboom and Clorox with less than similar outcomes. The biggest difference was the mold spots behind our shower products. Those have been an eyesore for so long and now they’re gone. My only regret is I didn’t do a 'before' and 'after' photo." —CButin

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $25.99.

19. A stainless-steel foot file for finally scraping away the years-old calluses your regular pumice stone could never quite handle. Now go forth and become the foot model you were always born to be.

Promising review: "THIS FOOT FILE IS LIFE CHANGING. I have lived with calloused feet for the last 15 years of my life from all through high school doing sports and now just doing everyday exercise. Through pedicures, other foot files I've tried, and basically everything...I have finally found my godsend of a foot file. My feet have never been softer and it has stayed soft for significantly longer than any other foot file I've ever used. I will literally never use another foot file, ever." —Sally 

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.


20. A reusable pumice stone to quickly remove stains and have your toilets, sinks, and tubs looking like new — no unsightly rings in sight.

Promising review: "When we bought our previously owned condo, all three of the toilets had a permanent dark ring. I must have tried at least six different cleaning products that claimed to eliminate rings. None worked. I was actually considering buying new toilets as the ring was embarrassing to me. A friend recommended the pumice toilet bowl ring remover and I was prepared to be disappointed again. But it worked perfectly. The ring is gone on all three toilets and it only took a few minutes per toilet. I don't know when I have ever been so totally satisfied with a product. It just saved me a whole lot of money and I am no longer embarrassed by the appearance of my toilets." —lynn mcdonald

Get it from Amazon for $10.82

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21. A space-saving drawer organizer so you can cram a full 24-piece set of silverware in half the space of a traditional organizer, and actually find the cutlery you need when you need it.,

Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 3.25 inches, this organizer fits up to 24 pieces of cutlery.

Promising review: "I thought this would be handy and help with space management in a small apartment. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. It keeps the silverware clean, and stores a lot in a very small space. I love it. I got two because I inherited my grandmother's silverware, so there are two types of forks and two types of spoons, and I wanted things separate and organized. Two organizers fit side by side in a standard apartment drawer. After getting these, I picked up the knife organizer, and it’s just as handy and useful." —Jerimi

Get it from Amazon for $9.56.

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22. Some soothing eye drops if even your blue light glasses can't keep eye irritation at bay after sitting in front of a screen all day. Just apply one or two drops for help combatting dryness, redness, itchiness, and more.

Promising review: "These drops are the ONLY ones that work for my dry eyes! I’ve even had prescription drops that don’t work as well as these and the prescription drops were like mucus...thick and goopy, while these are thin like normal eye drops. They make my eyes feel lubricated, silky, and smooth. I’ve been using them for over seven years and swear by them. Also, around 2.5 years ago, I began fostering a senior dog who is blind in both eyes from cataracts. I use 1–2 drops and the redness VANISHES for the rest of the day and she stops rubbing her eyes." —jbdean

Get it from Amazon for $10.98+ (available in two sizes). 

23. A cruelty-free eyeshadow primer that'll make sure all the hard work you spent on that smokey eye doesn't go to waste and lasts all day long without smudging or creasing.

Promising review: "This is the best eyeshadow primer I have ever purchased! I was on the fence as other primers have left my eyes feeling sticky or heavy, and after long periods of time I still tend to get creases. Not with this primer. A little goes a long way with this primer. It lasts all day, and I have even gone to work a few times still wearing 'last night's makeup' because it holds so well. I am amazed with the quality for the price — and even though the tube is small it has lasted me a little over a year since I only have to use such small amounts." —nasty-otter

Get it from Amazon for $13.75.

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24. An easy-to-use denture cleaner you simply plop in warm water with your dentures for a stain-fighting, odor-busting clean that'll make you wanna show off that million-dollar smile.

Promising review: "I have a TMJ mouth guard that is about 12 years old, and nothing else I've tried had managed to clean it like this stuff. It didn't take everything off the first time, but it makes a HUGE difference. Very satisfied." —Sara Elizabeth Eaton

Get 120 tablets from Amazon for $19.61.

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25. A jewelry-cleaning pen to return cloudy gems to their former, out-of-the-box glory without shelling out the big bucks for a professional cleaning. Yes, even that old ring from Claire's you've kept since middle school.

Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I inherited some really special jewelry from my great-grandmother when she passed, but it hadn't been worn much since her dementia diagnosis and had just been sitting out getting dusty and dingy. One piece, in particular, is a 1.25-karat oval-shaped citrine (our birthstone) pendant in a pineapple setting. It was filthy and you could barely even tell that it was a citrine; it was so cloudy and covered in dust and gunk. I used this for about four minutes really getting into all the little spaces and crevices of the pendant, and when I was finished, I literally cried. It was beautiful and sparkly and just perfect. I wear it almost every day now and clean it with this pen about once a week just to keep it sparkly, but now it only takes about 30 seconds." —keith may

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.


26. An all-natural scour paste so you can declutter your cleaning supplies with one seriously effective product that quickly removes questionable films, grime, and grease from a wide range of surfaces — tiles, ovens, baths, oh my!

Danielle Healy / BuzzFeed

Humble Suds is a Denver-based Etsy shop creating plant-based cleaning solutions that are safe, effective, and come in cute packaging (Bonus!).

I recently moved into a new apartment, so lately I've been cleaning A LOT. Shortly after moving in, my partner and I went to store something on the top of the kitchen cabinets only to find them caked in a thick layer of grime. 🤢 After going at it with regular multipurpose cleaner (with little success) we broke out the scour paste as a last-ditch effort and OH BOY did this miracle product deliver (pics above). If it can handle that grossness, it's going to have no problem with day-to-day messes like soap scum and burnt-on food. Plus, it smells delightful and comes in minimal, low-waste packaging!

Get it from Humble Suds on Etsy for $14.95+ (available in two sizes).

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27. A set of reusable Wad-Free tools you might recognize from Shark Tank if you're tired of laundry day getting derailed by tangled bedsheets. These help maintain a balanced washer drum, reduce dry times, and prevent wet clothes from getting trapped in the sheets.


Wad-Free is a small biz that was launched during the pandemic by Cyndi, who had a wadding problem and no available solutions. So they did what anyone would do (JK) — learned CAD (computer-aided design) and invented a genius solution! 

Promising review: "Wow!!! You wonder if things like this really work and, well, I can absolutely confirm it does! First, I was impressed that the package came with two of the devices because I was only expecting one. So there was one for the fitted sheet and the flat sheet. Finally, I tried it out and my sheets not only did NOT wad up, they came out of the dryer feeling fresher, feeling more dry, and unwrinkled! I will be buying a set of these for each of my immediate family members and close friends! What a great gift!!!" —katy

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.


28. A sneaker cleaner because one too many muddy walks have left your favorite kicks impossibly stained — until now.

The cleaner is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It also includes a wooden scrub brush!

Promising review: "I have had my Nike Roshe Ones for about a year now, and I don't go easy on them. I play sports and run in the dirt with them all the time, but I also like to wear them for fashion purposes. Pink Miracle helped restore my daily shoes to look like I just bought them — now I can wear them for even longer. Very pleased with Pink Miracle, I will buy it again when I run out of my bottle." —Romario

Get it from Amazon for $18.97+ (available in two sizes).

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29. A vegan exfoliating body scrub that buffs away bumps by combining the benefits of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment into one gentle, at-home treatment. If you struggle with persistent KP, this scrub is for you.

Promising review: "I've had mild KP on my arms for as long as I can remember. It was not anything too bad but just obnoxious at times. I've tried exfoliators and scrubs and loofahs and many other products and none have ever worked as well as this one. I have been using this product for about two and a half weeks now (only three or four uses) and I am already seeing and feeling the difference in my arms. I was so shook when moisturizing my arms because they have never been this smooth EVER. This is my new favorite product and the only one to have actually worked on me. Highly recommend 10/10." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $12+ (available in three sizes). 

30. A plant-based stainless steel cleaner for getting rid of (and preventing) the streaks, smudges, and grubby fingerprints that are keeping your appliances from living out the "stainless" in stainless steel.

It also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth!

Promising review: "We got this product because, while stainless steel appliances look so nice when you first get them, as soon as you start using them you get fingerprints galore. All of the 'home remedy' tricks we tried were annoying, or so labor-intensive as to be overly frustrating, so this product has been wonderful. It takes only a few minutes to clean all the appliances and make them look brand new again — great for when company comes over and you want to pretend like you always live in a magazine spread for home rather than the comfortable way you normally do :-)" —Anton Stocker

Get it from Amazon for $16.95.


31. A box of waterproof medicated pads you apply like bandages to force out the stubborn wart residing under your skin like a gross butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Promising review: "I had a stubborn wart on my right thumb that has been there for almost a year. Went to the doctor the first time to freeze it, but it didn't completely remove the wart so I decided to try the gel. The gel helped but not for too long and the wart came back (in a couple of days). Long story short, I got these medicated bandages and the results are incredibly satisfying. Used these bandages every day for a week, and the next week my wart is gone. So far it's been a week after and I haven't noticed any growth. Highly recommend!" —J

Get a pack of 14 from Amazon for $6.96.

32. A roll-on migraine stick packed with cooling essential oils so you have an extra secret weapon against headaches and migraines that's compact enough to put in a purse or pocket!

Promising review: "I’ve had migraines all my life, and sometimes they hit at the worst moments when I have to miss an important family event. Now I swipe the migraine stick across my forehead and temples, sometimes dabbing a little on my neck and even a little dab below each nostril when sinuses are bad. I lie down in the dark and relax until Imitrex kicks in. At first the scent seemed too strong, but after only two days I loved it! My migraines clear up much faster and I can go on with my day! For milder migraines, especially at night, I use only the stick, which helps me relax and the pain go away. I’ve never used anything like this in my 65 years of suffering, and am so thankful I did. Now I’d never be without it! Price is good, too — I’m on a limited budget and one stick lasts a few months." —DebSmith

Read BuzzFeed's Migrastil migraine stick review for more deets!

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.


33. A vegan ingrown hair oil that'll work to treat and prevent itchy red bumps from infiltrating your pits, downstairs, or wherever you struggle with post-shave and -wax irritation.


Bushbalm is an Ottawa-based small biz with a special focus on the pubic zone(s). Their result-driven collection of products targets such grievances as ingrown hair prevention, dark spot treatment, and razor burn relief.

BuzzFeed editor Katy Herman uses this to stay smooth after shaving:

"I just recently received a sample of this lovely stuff, which is from an Ottawa-based small business, and I have already seen a difference in how my bikini line looks after shaving! I always struggle with razor bumps in the down-there area specifically, but this oil helps keep it soft, smooth, and bump free! The brand recommends applying it right after getting out of the shower, and you can even use it to spot-treat ingrown hairs. I'm pretty ~scent~sitive to smells, and the tea tree scent is really lovely and refreshing (it smells like a spa)! I also love the pump-style dispenser, so I don't make a greasy mess every time I use it — which, from now on, is gonna be pretty much all the time. I'm sooo excited to wear swimsuits this summer without all the bumps and irritation!"

Get it from Bushbalm for $26.

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Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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