23 Amazing Projects From BuzzFeed's 2017 Hack Week

    We made ya some cool stuff!

    In July, the BuzzFeed Tech team took a week off of "regular" work to hack on new and exciting projects.

    The BuzzFeed Tech Team puts on a Hack Week once a year to help stretch our imaginations, work with people outside or normal teams, and have fun as a Tech organization. This Hack Week, we created 38 different projects from Tech teams all across the globe.

    BuzzFeed Tech is made up of ~230 folks, including engineers, product designers, product managers, QA analysts, data scientists, data analysts, product support specialists, and project managers. We maintain and build internal tools as well as consumer facing products like our website and apps!

    Here's what we came up with!

    1. StickerBomb

    2. Virtual Reality Quiz

    3. BuzzFeed & Chill

    4. In-Frame

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    In-Frame creates a video overlay that lets users explore information related to the current scene.

    Team: Kiran Booth-Patel, Ivan Butyliuk, Ian Feather

    5. BF, RN

    6. Quizzes from the Android Widget

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    Normally, users would have to enter the app to take one of BuzzFeed's many quizzes. Now, simply by adding the BuzzFeed Quiz Widget, users can complete any quiz from their home screen.

    Team: Kevin Skrei

    7. The Android Tasty Shopping List Exporter

    8. RetroFeed

    RetroFeed is an easter egg on the BuzzFeed homepage that retro-ify's the website.

    Team: Noga Raviv, Annie Zhang, Douglas Rudolph (we are all interns!)

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    9. Operation meme

    10. WS4L (Websockets 4 Live)

    11. Automated Video Editing with Video Roulette

    12. Tech Docs Slackbot (aka DocBot)

    13. BuzzWiki

    14. BubbleFeed

    15. MoodBot

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    We used Apple's new Core ML technology to run a convolutional neural net that gauges the user's emotion (https://gist.github.com/GilLevi/54aee1b8b0397721aa4b) via the iPhone's front-facing camera. We can then leverage this for mood based quizzes and challenges. Our demo app shows the user a funny video while challenging them not to smile for 30 seconds. We use the emotion prediction probability to gauge when the user is starting to smile and give them a warning, and if we ever can't find a face we'll pause the video and timer.

    Team: David Mauro, Wolasi Konu, Pete Walters

    16. Find On Image

    17. SkillsBot

    18. OpsBot

    19. BFSynth

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    A Chrome extension that turns the BuzzFeed Homepage into a simple synthesizer using the Web Audio API

    Team: Patrick Carey

    20. sli_api

    21. Hacquille O'neal

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    Using in-video retention data from YouTube, our system identifies the most watched parts of a video and retrieves them as clips. These clips can then be stitched together to make a highlight reel, or shown to creators to inform them about the most appealing parts of their video.

    Team: Ali Baghshomali, Jonathan Ma, Jennifer Greenwood

    22. Ad Graft

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    A new chrome extension allows the sales team to generate previews of mock ads for potential advertisers using existing assets. Advertisers can save and share links to their ad previews while they consider investing in an advertising campaign with us!

    Team: Caroline Amaba, Rebecca Close, Hana Carpenter, Andrew Paulus

    23. QuizPro

    Here are some photos of teams working throughout the week!


    At the end of Hack Week, the entire Tech team gets together to watch everyone present their projects and celebrate an amazing week!

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