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Is This A Real Pokémon Or A Fake One?

You're gonna need a bigger Pokédex...

Alp Ozcelik 8 months ago

Only A Pokémaster Can Name All 151 OG Pokemon. Are You One?

Abras, and Chanseys, and Glooms! Oh my!

Alp Ozcelik 8 months ago
Nikki Francois 11 months ago

Turkey Had An Election And Somehow Cock Rings Got Involved

This is probably the weirdest thing you'll read about what was a wild election.

Alp Ozcelik One year ago
bari jay!!!! One year ago
bari jay!!!! 2 years ago

People Were Furious That These Ancient Ruins Got Rented Out For A Private Event

The ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey have been the host of events before, but a recent picture of tables set up amid the famous site set people off.

Alp Ozcelik 2 years ago

Suspected Istanbul Nightclub Massacre Attacker Confesses To Shooting

A suspect wanted for shooting and killing at least 39 people early New Year's Day inside Reina, a popular Istanbul nightclub, was captured Monday, state-run media in Turkey reported.

Claudia Koerner 2 years ago

Russia's Ambassador To Turkey Shot Dead By Man Screaming About Syrian Crisis

Andrey Karlov was visiting a photo exhibition in Ankara when he was assassinated. WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

Talal Ansari 2 years ago

Here's What We Think Of The New Pokémon Game

Professor Kukui is slightly bae tbh.

Alanna Okun 3 years ago

People Think Lindsay Lohan And Her Accent Are Being Paid By Turkey's Government

A phrase Lohan dropped twice while taking her new accent out for a spin — "the world is bigger than five" — has people in Turkey very suspicious.

Hayes Brown 3 years ago

Hold Up: The New Peach Emoji Actually Looks Like An Apricot

I haven't cared this much about fruit...ever. Like, ever.

Alp Ozcelik 3 years ago
Rachael Krishna 3 years ago

Istanbul Airport Attackers Were Nationals Of Russia, Uzbekistan, And Kyrgyzstan

At least 43 people were killed and about 239 others were wounded in what officials described as a terror attack. BuzzFeed News correspondent Borzou Daragahi is reporting from Istanbul.

Jim Dalrymple II 3 years ago

"Boy Booty" Is The Ultimate Anthem For Everyone Who Likes Man Butts

♫ Put your hands up if you like boy booty ♫

Alp Ozcelik 3 years ago
Rachael Krishna 3 years ago

Here's What We Think Pokémon Would Taste Like

"I feel like it would taste how a hamster would taste?"

Jarry Lee 4 years ago
Alp Ozcelik 4 years ago