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Hold Up: The New Peach Emoji Actually Looks Like An Apricot

I haven't cared this much about fruit...ever. Like, ever.

So, as you might now, Apple has redesigned all the emojis — and added some new ones! — for iOS 10.2.


So now you can facepalm, selfie, and shrug...with emoji!

One of the bigger design changes, though, has happened to the good ol' peach emoji.


~new iOS, new me 😘 ~

In fact, the new *peach* emoji looks waaay more like an apricot than a peach.

WeKnowYourDreams / Via

A very ripe one. Right?

And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

not updating to iOS 10.2 because the peach emoji a) doesn't look like a butt anymore, b) is now a flipping APRICOT

That new emoji looks more like an apricot than any peach I've ever seen. #twocents #breakingthrough #perspective

ok besides the peach that looks like an apricot i think those cucumbers are sliced too thickly it is just my opinion

  1. So what do you think? Does it look more like an apricot or a peach?

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So what do you think? Does it look more like an apricot or a peach?
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    It looks like a peach!
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    It definitely looks more like an apricot...
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    ...You have too much time on your hands...

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